mare's tail

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Noun1.mare's tail - a long narrow flowing cirrus cloudmare's tail - a long narrow flowing cirrus cloud  
cirrus cloud, cirrus - a wispy white cloud (usually of fine ice crystals) at a high altitude (4 to 8 miles)
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The clouds scattered in the heights were coloured with lively tints of beautiful shades, and numerous "mare's tails," which betokened wind for that day.
The grass was high and the mare's tail weed was rife.
I've actually ended up getting the mountain bug since then and have done Criffel and the Grey Mare's Tail after not having done anything like that before Ben Lomond."
His attitude was "be grateful it's not mare's tail or bind weed".
He found that two of the extracts, blackberry and a root extract of Mare's tail, effectively killed an antibiotic resistant strain of Staph, MRSA.
7 Chase waterfalls Summer is a good time to admire waterfalls such as the Falls of Glomach in Ross-shire, the Falls of Corra Linn near the River Clyde, the Falls of Bruar in Perthshire, Rogie Falls in Sutherland and the Grey Mare's Tail in Dumfriesshire.
A similar response has been found in crop scenarios such as burn down or when dealing with resistant weeds, such as Mare's Tail, Kochia and Waterhemp, McGlothlin said.
DAVID MORHICKMAN AIT is mare's tail, Equisetum arvense, probably the hardest weed to eradicate.
Grey Mare's Tail Nature Reserve, Moffat Valley DG10 9DP.
Weed species Million hectares impacted Wild oats 4.9 Common water hemp 3.2 Horseweed (mare's tail) 1.8 Ryegrass 1.6 Palmer amaranth 1.4 Wild (red) rice 0.04 to 0.4 (estimated) SOURCE: I.