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Noun1.margin call - a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirementmargin call - a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement
demand - an urgent or peremptory request; "his demands for attention were unceasing"
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Margin Call Mon 11pm BBC2 Like The Big Short, this is an engrossing account of the 2008 financial crash.
Lacking the smarts of Margin Call or the savviness of Mad City - films it's clearly trying to emulate - there's the unmistakable whiff of naivety hanging over the entire enterprise.
The thing is, you only need to look at, say, the Matt Damon-narrated documentary Inside Job (2010) or Margin Call a year later to see that you don't need gimmicks but just a snappy script to explain what went wrong.
MARGIN CALL BBC1, 11.15pm A bitter executive is dismissed from an investment bank, but plans his revenge by handing secret information on the company's fortunes to a junior analyst.
MARGIN CALL (BBC 1, Wednesday, 11.15pm) KEVIN Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Stanley Tucci star in this quality financial thriller set against a brewing Wall Street banking meltdown.
Moore starred in 2011's ''Margin Call'' and appears in the upcoming film ''Very Good Girls.'' She was previously married to Bruce Willis and the pair had three daughters.
A margin call is a demand by a broker that an investor deposits more cash to cover potential losses on trades.
If a customer's balance drops below a certain level, the customer receives a margin call and must immediately deposit additional funds.
They face several risks, the most important being that the price of the option may change unexpectedly and the position may lead to an unexpected margin call. When this happens it can mean closing the short position will entail a bigger loss than anticipated.
Margin Call is a taut thriller, which unfolds over 36 nail-biting hours, exploring the questionable morality of a fictitious group of men and women at the centre of the current global financial crisis.