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Noun1.margin of profit - the ratio gross profits divided by net salesmargin of profit - the ratio gross profits divided by net sales
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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The District Nazim wrote a letter to DC Peshawar on May 3rd with direction to chalk out margin of profit of poultry prices supplied from Talakang market and being sold in Peshawar so that people could be provided relief.
They demanded from government to take steps against hoarders and whole sellers as if the retailer receives consumer items from them at high rates then it was automatically that he would sell same to consumers with his margin of profit. They deplored that instead of action against hoarders ad whole sellers district administration was harassing the Patharas and push cart owners who were not the root cause of price hike.
According to the proposal, the bird traders have said that import duty on birds should be revised according to new parameters and contemporary business conditions because the margin of profit is quite low compared to the margin of profit in 2007 when the duty on import of birds was decided.
Maybe to reduce costs or it is a marketing move to increase the margin of profit.
Karzai called on traders to lower the margin of profit and control prices to help the poor people during the month.
Under the current price-setting method, dubbed a ''full-cost'' pricing system, utilities are basically allowed to set electricity charges for consumers by adding a certain margin of profit on top of personnel, fuel, facility repair and other costs.
It was decided that the Utility Stores Corporation would cut their margin of profit and reduce prices of more than 800 items by five to 10 per cent.