margin of profit

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Noun1.margin of profit - the ratio gross profits divided by net salesmargin of profit - the ratio gross profits divided by net sales
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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The large inventory of used sails allows them to deliver sails the same day at a low cost but high margin of profit.
Despite this resumption of CNG supply for two days only, the citizens heaved a sigh of relief, while the rickshaw, taxi drivers and other vehicle owners are happy on the supply of cheap fuel that would provide them a margin of profit and earn a livelihood.
As the margin of profit from the sale of plain gold pieces is small compared with diamond jewellery, campaigns going on with very good response.
THY was one of a few airliners reaching a 10 percent margin of profit during the global financial crisis," he said.
Dealers will only be taxed on the margin of profit they make on sales after July 1.