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Another option in Bitcoin short trading is margin trading via specialized crypto exchanges.
The products may include exchange-trading fund and leverage products like Margin Trading System and Margin Financing Systems.
Regulator approving the addition of 28 securities in the Margin Trading System (MTS) and Deliverable Future under category 'B'
The exchange features margin trading with up to 10X leverage which is funded by Cobinhood's margin funding service.
The total value of margin trading facilities provided by brokerage companies operating at ADX and DFM amounted to AED 36.
The new margin trading facility, on the other hand, allows investors to buy stocks using securities they already own as collateral.
Margin trading will begin on the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) from tomorrow, a move that will stimulate trading volumes and liquidity as well as extend new financing sources for investors.
Concerns run high over falling stock prices; high levels of margin trading, or investors borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock; high-risk loans that depend on stock as collateral; and pressures on large institutions to hold stocks to maintain a price level in stock indices.
rules that would cap the size of the country's margin trading and
Prior to the issuance of the Margin Trading Rules, margin trading was only mentioned as a regulated activity under Law No.
Worries about a new probe by Chinese regulators into margin trading depressed sentiment in Chinese markets.
Global Banking News-January 28, 2015--China to re-launch probe into margin trading and bank lending