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tr.v. mar·gin·at·ed, mar·gin·at·ing, mar·gin·ates
1. To provide with or be a margin to; border.
2. To add margin to (a stock portfolio).
adj. marginate (-nĭt, -nāt) also mar·gin·at·ed (-nā′tĭd)
Biology Having a distinct border or edge.

mar′gin·a′tion n.
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On chest radiographs, intrapulmonary bronchogenic cysts are smoothly marginated, round or oval masses.
The HRCT finding of bronchogenic spread was evidenced by centrilobular/ branching linear structures, bronchial wall thickening, tree in bud appearance and poorly marginated 5-8 mm nodules.
Within the nucleus, the chromatin is peripherally marginated, yielding a vesicular appearance.
Imaging findings reported in the literature describe a poorly marginated transspatial enhancing mass in the soft tissue of the extracranial head and neck that arises from the musculoaponeurotic structures.
Outside radiographs of the left forearm demonstrated a well-defined, diffusely sclerotic lesion of the distal ulna with a smoothly marginated, radiodense extra-osseous component and notable absence of irregular or interrupted periosteal reaction (Figure 1A).
The radiological features on plain x-rays include a well marginated, centrally located, uniloculated radiolucent, expansile lesion of the metaphysis.
Most osteoblastomas are sharply marginated and have a peripheral rind of sclerotic bone (Figure 4).
Cysts were characterised in mammography by round (66%) to oval (33%), smooth marginated (100%), hyperdense (100%) lesions.
Nucleoli were further characterized as being central or marginated, the latter categorized when they were juxtaposed to the nuclear membrane.
Non contrast Computed Tomography scan of KUB region revealed a well marginated hyperdense lesion (1240 HU) of size 74 mm (Craniocaudal) x 50 mm (Transverse) x 38 mm (Anteroposterior) involving the major portion of right kidney.
MRI OF PELVIS (PLAIN AND CONTRAST): Shows 20 x10 x 9.2cm sized (CCx AP x Tr), large, well marginated, lobulated, heterogeneously enhancing mass lesion with central non-enhancing / necrotic area seen in per- sacral region / pelvis with extent as described above.
Four of the 5 cases occurred in the anterior or premolar areas of the jaws, appearing as poorly marginated radio-lucencies.