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tr.v. mar·gin·at·ed, mar·gin·at·ing, mar·gin·ates
1. To provide with or be a margin to; border.
2. To add margin to (a stock portfolio).
adj. marginate (-nĭt, -nāt) also mar·gin·at·ed (-nā′tĭd)
Biology Having a distinct border or edge.

mar′gin·a′tion n.
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n. marginación, acumulación y adherencia de leucocitos a las paredes de los vasos capilares en un proceso inflamatorio.
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The presence of infected cells (which characteristically show multinucleation, chromatin margination, and nuclear molding) within cytologic specimens is highly specific for HSV infection, although sensitivity of cytology specimens is lower than that of viral isolation (Figure 6).
Increased leukocyte margination (Corresponding to ischemia and reperfusion injury) [33]
Chylomicron margination, lipolysis, and vitamin a uptake in the lactating rat mammary gland: implications for milk retinoid content.
Increase in % neutrophil adhesion shown by GSE correlates with margination of cells in blood vessels.
Pyknosis was the result of chromatin condensation and margination (the chromatin packed into smooth masses applied against the nuclear membrane).
(10) Linked to changes in neutrophil margination patterns, the low neutrophil count appears to cause no significant clinical concerns.
Theoretically, vascular inflammation can be observed in various stages: stasis of blood due to increase concentration of cells in the blood, leukocytes margination and adhesion along the endothelium, and transmigration across the cell via phagocytosis [46].
In the current study IONPs were not functionalized by specific ligands and MNRd accumulation in lung capillaries may be attributed to nanorods tumbling behavior under flow, resulting in decreased floating speed and margination towards the vessel wall, and thus increasing chances for MNRd adhesion to endothelial cells [50].
FPIES often results in a systemic inflammatory response not seen in other non-IgE-mediated food allergies and can present with a profound leukocytosis, margination of leukocytes, and a markedly elevated C-reactive protein [1].
The following sequence of events involves margination, rolling, adhesion, and transmigration of the immune cells to the damaged tissue to exercise their defense role.
Doherty et al., "Leukocyte and platelet margination within microvasculature of rabbit lungs," Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.
Lateral, ventrodorsal, and intraoral radiographs of masses of the skull and mandible are necessary to determine precise location within the bone, extent of bony involvement, margination of the lesion, and the presence or absence of a periosteal reaction or bone lysis (McCAULEY et al., 2000).