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n. pl. ma·ri·a·chis
1. A street band in Mexico, usually featuring violin, guitar, and trumpet players as well as vocalists.
a. The music performed by such a band.
b. A musician belonging to such a band.

[Mexican Spanish, perhaps from an indigenous language of Mexico .]


(Music, other) a small ensemble of street musicians in Mexico
[C20: from Mexican Spanish]


(ˌmɑr iˈɑ tʃi)

n., pl. -chis.
1. a Mexican band composed typically of itinerant street musicians.
2. a member of a mariachi.
3. the traditional Mexican dance music played by a mariachi.
[1940–45; < Mexican Spanish mariache, mariachi, perhaps < French mariage marriage]
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Noun1.mariachi - a group of street musicians in Mexicomariachi - a group of street musicians in Mexico
ensemble - a group of musicians playing or singing together; "a string ensemble"
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With three locations throughout Ohio (in Springfield, London and Xenia), Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant ( offers authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine.
Al igual que en septiembre de 1985, los embates sismicos del antepasado 19 de septiembre no lograron acallar la melodiosa vida nocturna de la Plaza Garibaldi, espacio de la alegria por antonomasia, que ha resistido a las razias, la corrupcion y el coyotaje, demostrando asi la vitalidad que, a principios de los anos 20 del pasado siglo, animo a don Cirilo Marmolejo a solicitar el deprimido Baratillo para un conjunto de mariachis cuyos acordes anunciarian sin proponerselo, la recuperacion de la alegria y tranquilidad citadina tras anos de lucha revolucionaria.
Encaramados sobre las criptas, asidos a las ramas de los arboles, colgados de las cruces de piedra que se encontraban en puntos altos, posesionados del interior del mausoleo, una muchedumbre que parecia no tener fin, que ocupaba hasta el ultimo milimetro disponible, que empequenecia todos los espacios, se electrizo cuando escucho de labios de los mariachis, desde el filo mismo de la fosa, las melodias que en vida cantara Pedro Infante.
* The line-up also includes Massari and The Mariachis.
DORITOS advert stars The Mariachis are set to send Mexican waves through Coventry tonight.
Sian Davies, County Events Manager said the line-up for the event at the Events Arena will be packed with an array of singers, bands and entertainers including Siren, The Mariachis, Karl Loxley, Annelies, Trio, Piantel and Sophie Lloyd.
In September, 549 mariachi musicians in Guadalajara set a record for the most mariachis gathered in one place.
If the songs the mariachis play are traditional, so, in a way, are the tales Vest is telling.
Mariachis played on the closed down street off Fairfax while Lyle Fisk stripped, chefs cooked up fine grub, mad people poured madly, and Lance Dawes recruited various point men for his Cayman Islands incursion.
Warm up by the bonfire with wine or hot chocolate as harpists, storytellers, and mariachis play around each bend of the flickering trails.
"Quise hallar el olvido, al estilo Jalisco, pero aquellos mariachis, y aquel tequila, me hicieron llorar".
The phrase "Latin American corruption" unfortunately rolls off the tongue as readily as "carnival in Brazil" or "Mexican mariachis:' A long-decried culture of public thievery in the region extends from street kids charging motorists for "watching" parked cars to crooked politicos pocketing millions in kickbacks for public contracts.