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 (mâr′ē-ə-nĭz′mō, măr′-)
A strong or exaggerated sense of traditional femininity, especially in some Latin American cultures, placing great value on forbearance, self-sacrifice, nurturance, and the limiting of sex to marriage.

[Marian, relating to the Virgin Mary + Spanish -ismo, -ism (on the model of machismo).]
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"O Marianismo e a vitimizacao de mulheres encarceradas: formas alternativas de exercicio do poder feminino".
While young boys could be "macho" aggressive and were allowed to date and "conquer" women, the young girls were expected to remain submissive and virginal so as to emulate the "Virgin Mary," which is referred to as Marianismo (Comas-Diaz 2013; Falicov 2015).
Marianismo and caregiving role beliefs among US-born and immigrant Mexican women.