marine archaeology

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Noun1.marine archaeology - the archeology of underwater sitesmarine archaeology - the archeology of underwater sites  
archaeology, archeology - the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures
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Each lesson examines an aspect of the Nautilus Exploration Program, including sonar mapping, oceanography and marine archaeology.
Salalah, March 23 (ONA) In completion of the Omani Coast Survey Project, the project team, consisting of members of the Underwater Archaeology Program of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in collaboration with the Marine Archaeology Scholars of the Western Museum of Australia and the British University of Southampton left on March 11, 2015, on board of the Royal Navy of Oman vessel (Al Munasir) for the implementation of the second phase surveys in the areas of Hasik, and Mirbat in the Governorate of Dhofar, which will last to the end of this month.
The high resolution achievable with the system results in seafloor maps with detail that may form the basis for scientific investigation in areas such as marine geology and geophysics as well as marine archaeology.
Kevin Straford, of the Marine Archaeology Sea Trust, will talk on the Bamburgh Castle beach wreck, which was reported in The Journal.
Sir John Franklin, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror have long been among the most sought-after prizes in marine archaeology and the subject of songs, poems and novels.
Four Thousand Blocks marked the New York debut of Ga's most recent body of work, for which she learned to scuba dive, joined a marine archaeology program in Egypt, and explored the underwater ruins of the lighthouse at Alexandria.
particularly in the fields of bridges, roads, hovercraft, fishing and marine archaeology, Gift pioneered the use of prestressed concrete, along with an innovative approach to construction to achieve very low-cost structures.
Of the four books reviewed here, VIRGINIA DELLINO-MUSGRAVE'S Marine archaeology is the only single-authored volume.
Odyssey Marine Exploration, a US marine archaeology company that discovered the (http://www.
We have now dived on the site using high resolution DIDSON (tm) acoustic imaging to examine the ruins on the seabed - a first use of this technology for non-wreck marine archaeology.
The underwater work on the Transporter coincides with a talk on Marine Archaeology by Gary Green at Teesside Archives this afternoon.

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