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Noun1.marital bed - the relationship between wife and husbandmarital bed - the relationship between wife and husband
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
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'And if that doesn't work,' the mayor laughed, 'there is always the tried way of the Polish highlanders: If you want a boy, keep an ax under your marital bed.'
She submitted to your unwanted advances and just lay there as you raped her on the marital bed."
The TV host boasted about how she took revenge on the girl, who she discovered in her marital bed.
We discover that with her anger and frustration, Albert was denied 'the hurly burly of the chaise longue' or the marital bed - and that caused high drama and tension between the two.
Bert Keller (Robert Forster) wakes to find the other side of the marital bed empty.
Livermore, is having sex on the marital bed. It turns out the female is dead.
1 POO in the marital bed sparked a massive row which led to the demise of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's marriage.
This means all aspects of life, including within the sanctity of marriage and the marital bed.
Prosecutors had said the offences happened at the home and during trips and that she had invited him round to her home, created a "romantic ambience" and had sex with him in her marital bed.
Is it true that this could be deduced from the fact that the marital bed had been slept in and that there were no signs of violence in that area?
"The Summons," with an effective soft drum roll effect in the guitar, is a poignant and powerful call from a man to his lover's former husband, a dead soldier, as he invites the ghost to return to the marital bed. The final song, "I Have Drifted," rounds off the set with a quiet goodbye from the mythic Theseus to his beloved Ariadne as he is carried away on the waves of the sea.
When your MP hubby's been having sex with rent boys, welcoming him back into the marital bed is a surprising course of action.