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Noun1.marital relationship - the relationship between wife and husbandmarital relationship - the relationship between wife and husband
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
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It focuses on the factors that are considered most important for a happy and satisfied marital relationship and absence of which can cause serious problems and can lead to adverse consequences.
In the last three year significance of EI in marital relationship has compelled researchers in non American and non European countries to investigate its role in the quality of marital relationship.
Research has proved the quality of marital relationship is a significant predictor of overall happiness and well-being, while poor marital quality is associated with many family and community problems (5-7).
The data reveal that couples want professionals to address the impact of adoption on the marital relationship prior to placement of children, to facilitate contact among adoptive couples that focuses on couple relationships in addition to parenting issues after children have been placed, and to support actively the marital relationship in post-placement or post-adoption services even when children's behaviours or needs constitute the presenting problem.
Parents have difficulties to consider that when marital relationship is broken, they will always be parents: This process must be handled.
An alteration in marital relationship pattern that parallels the rise in divorce rate is cohabitation of unmarried couples that is rampant in urban industrial cities of the world.
Noda, a six-term lower house member who was once touted as a potential candidate to become Japan's first female premier, once had a de facto marital relationship with LDP House of Councillors member Yosuke Tsuruho.
Ribstein detects a number of fundamental differences between a conventional marital relationship and a conventional business relationship.
Perceptions of the marital relationship and the rituals that create that union are deeply ingrained in our cultural psyche and closely tied to our sense of social identity.
Just because your parents divorce does not mean that in your own marital relationship that you are destined to as well.