market keeper

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: keeper - a merchant who owns or manages a shopmarket keeper - a merchant who owns or manages a shop
tradespeople - people engaged in trade
dry cleaner, cleaner - the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
florist - someone who grows and deals in flowers; "the florist made up an attractive bouquet"
hosier - a tradesman who sells hosiery and (in England) knitwear
merchandiser, merchant - a businessperson engaged in retail trade
newsagent, newsdealer, newsstand operator, newsvendor - someone who sells newspapers
tobacconist - a retail dealer in tobacco and tobacco-related articles
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The building originally provided offices downstairs for the market keeper and the toll collector, while the upper floor served as accommodation for both families.
The building served as Newcastle cattle market and the ground floor was taken up by offices for the market keeper and toll collector.
Eventually the market keeper and toll collector moved our of the building and the Lambton Bank moved in.