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Noun1.Market place - an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set upmarket place - an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up
public square, agora - a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece
bazar, bazaar - a street of small shops (especially in Orient)
food market, grocery, grocery store, market - a marketplace where groceries are sold; "the grocery store included a meat market"
mercantile establishment, outlet, retail store, sales outlet - a place of business for retailing goods
market square, open-air market, open-air marketplace - a public marketplace where food and merchandise is sold
slave market - a marketplace where slaves were auctioned off (especially in the southern United States before the American Civil War)
agora - the marketplace in ancient Greece
2.Market place - the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and soldmarket place - the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold; "without competition there would be no market"; "they were driven from the marketplace"
activity - any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
business enterprise, commercial enterprise, business - the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business"
black market - an illegal market in which goods or currencies are bought and sold in violation of rationing or controls
buyer's market, buyers' market, soft market - a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy
gray market, grey market - an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency
seller's market, sellers' market - a market in which more people want to buy than want to sell
labor market - the market in which workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers
monopoly - (economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller; "a monopoly on silver"; "when you have a monopoly you can ask any price you like"
monopsony - (economics) a market in which goods or services are offered by several sellers but there is only one buyer
oligopoly - (economics) a market in which control over the supply of a commodity is in the hands of a small number of producers and each one can influence prices and affect competitors
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'Double', 'half','greater', fall under the category of relation; 'in a the market place', 'in the Lyceum', under that of place; 'yesterday', 'last year', under that of time.
Satisfied with the looks of the two little animals, he bridled them and took them to a market place far away from the Land of Toys, in the hope of selling them at a good price.
When, after months of all play and no work, they became little donkeys, he sold them on the market place. In a few years, he had become a millionaire.
It was market day at Sidi Aissa, and the numberless caravans of camels coming in from the desert, and the crowds of bickering Arabs in the market place, filled Tarzan with a consuming desire to remain for a day that he might see more of these sons of the desert.
As the three were making their way through the crowds of marketers, camels, donkeys, and horses that filled the market place with a confusing babel of sounds, Abdul plucked at Tarzan's sleeve.
There is no making long marches in this country; an army here is a great city well peopled and under exact government: they take their wives and children with them, and the camp hath its streets, its market places, its churches, courts of justice, judges, and civil officers.
The proposed work would also include improvements to Market Place, with improvements to paving, an enlarged pedestrian space, the planting of trees and the provision of new street furniture.
The Market Place format offers a variety of lunch-to-go options, including rotisserie chicken, fish and freshly prepared salads.
At Market Place the cornet received the town's standard for the ride-out, along with the first fair crying, and the start of the procession.
Up to 50 stalls are scheduled to trade at the market, organised by events company Market Place and Kirklees Council.
The Market Place will no longer have room for the Folk Festival Marquee, and the Guildhall Theatre won't reopen until after the festival, so, not wanting to lose a weekend of music and events, the format for this year is changing.
"With forthcoming works to the Market Place, our considerable investment in this unit overlooking the Market Place will be of great benefit to all traders in Chester-le-Street," the statement added.