market square

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: square - a public marketplace where food and merchandise is soldmarket square - a public marketplace where food and merchandise is sold
farmer's market, green market, greenmarket - an open-air marketplace for farm products
market place, mart, marketplace, market - an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up
souk - an open-air market in an Arabian city
flea market - an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles
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My heart was nigh broke, for it seemed that I had left all that was English behind me, and that I would never set eyes upon Norwich market square again." He was a tall, lusty, middle-aged man with a ruddy face, a brown forked beard shot with gray, and a broad Flanders hat set at the back of his head.
As he had not to pay for his appointment, he could afford to build a house in the market square of the new town, opposite the house of the justice of the peace.
We loitered to such a degree that it was near the middle of the forenoon when we entered the market square of the town.
Thus it was that, year by year, Boss McGinty's diamond pins became more obtrusive, his gold chains more weighty across a more gorgeous vest, and his saloon stretched farther and farther, until it threatened to absorb one whole side of the Market Square.
"One can't have ladies walking through the Market Square. The Fussells wouldn't like it; they were awfully particular at Charles's wedding.
Dumfries'new-look Market Square has been officially launched by Dumfries Provost Tracey Little and celebrates hundreds of hours of hardwork by volunteers from the local community.
JUMP, JIGGLE & JIVE Date: Tuesday 20th August 2019 Time: 11am - 1pm Location: Market Square, Lisburn Description: Come join in the twirling and swirling in Market Square!
He said some of the attention has come because of recently announced plans by a well-known homebrewer to open a brewery in the commercial section of the development, known as Market Square. The brewer, Wolf Brewing Co., has said it plans to build a brewery and taproom in Legacy Park, with an opening possible by 2020.
recently sold The Retreat at Market Square, a 206-unit multifamily community located in Baltimore suburb of Frederick, Maryland for $47 million.
The acquisition of a three-story building in downtown Portsmouth paves the way for the opening of a new Tuscan Market grocer and eatery in Market Square, the heart of the Port City.
On Sunday it was reported that the pedestrian suffered "serious" injuries after the incidentshortly before 2.30pmin Market Square, Brynmawr.