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A large goat antelope (Capra falconeri) of the western Himalayas, having a brownish coat, corkscrew-shaped horns, and long fur on the neck and chest in the male.

[Ultimately (partly via Kashmiri, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu) from Persian mārkhōr, variant (influenced by khor-, stem of khordan, to eat) of mārkhwār, literally "snake-eater" (the markhor being so called because of the widespread Eurasian folk belief that certain ungulates eat snakes, perhaps inspired by the markhor's coiled, serpentine horns, or by the dark green bezoars of old markhor bucks, traditionally prized as an antidote to poison) : mār, snake (from Middle Persian, perhaps from Old Iranian *marthra-, killer; see mer- in Indo-European roots) + -khwār, eater (from Old Iranian *-khvāra-; see manticore).]


(ˈmɑːkɔː) or


n, pl -khors, -khor, -khoors or -khoor
(Animals) a large wild Himalayan goat, Capra falconeri, with a reddish-brown coat and large spiralled horns
[C19: from Persian, literally: snake-eater, from mār snake + -khōr eating]
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Noun1.markhor - large Himalayan goat with large spiraled hornsmarkhor - large Himalayan goat with large spiraled horns
wild goat - undomesticated goat
pödröttszarvú kecske
References in classic literature ?
He peopled the hills with anything thev had a mind to slay - thar, ibex, or markhor, and bear by Elisha's allowance.
All the mess plate was out on the long table - the same table that had served up the bodies of five officers after a forgotten fight long and long ago - the dingy, battered standards faced the door of entrance, clumps of winter-roses lay between the silver candlesticks, and the portraits of eminent officers deceased looked down on their successors from between the heads of sambhur, nilghai, markhor, and, pride of all the mess, two grinning snow-leopards that had cost Basset-Holmer four months' leave that he might have spent in England, instead of on the road to Thibet and the daily risk of his life by ledge, snow- slide, and grassy slope.
Each creature-including the two-toed sloth, markhor, polar bear, African elephant, baboon, cobra, lion, pipistrelle bat, alligator and dingo and more-is accompanied by a brief discussion of its behavior, habitat, and diet.
CHITRAL -- The officials of the Chitral Goal National Park (CGNP) accompanied by the community watchers today arrested two persons red handed involved in illegal hunting of Markhor and fined them Rs.
The Prime Minister was also pleased to note that the GB governments steps for wild life conservation including the conservation of Markhor and ibex which was being done successfully.
Globally recognised as a leader in community-based conservation, Namibia has garnered such prestigious recognition as the 2012 Markhor Award for Outstanding Conservation Performance in recognition of its exceptional wildlife conservation programme.
Tourists staying in the campsite can expect to see wild animals such as the wild Markhor goat, the Tibetan wolf, brown bears, musk deers, leopards and more than 120 bird species.
Tourists who spend time in the campsite would get a chance to see animals such as the wild goat, Markhor, brown bear, musk deer, Tibetan wolf, common leopard and hundreds of species of birds at close quarters.
Last year 1 had a downhill shot at a markhor in Pakistan, probably the most important shot of my life.
Also under threat are 47 wild animals, including Persian leopard, Dalmatio Pelican, large-billed reed warbler, striped hyena, Marco Polo sheep, Markhor, musk deer, wild donkey, red sheep, Blansford's fox, eagle, stone marten and lesser kestrel.
Washington, July 4 ( ANI ): Pakistan's conservation efforts have proved beneficial as the markhor, a majestic wild goat species, is making a remarkable comeback, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has announced.
The sprawling farmhouse was filled with trophies, from mounted birds to markhor.