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A rock containing clay materials and calcium and magnesium carbonates, with approximately the same composition as marl.
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Noun1.marlstone - metamorphic rock with approximately the same composition as marlmarlstone - metamorphic rock with approximately the same composition as marl
metamorphic rock - rock altered by pressure and heat
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Throughout there's a chalky minerality no doubt indebted to the greensand and marlstone soils in the Hampshire Downs.
The Tumengela Formation development presents marine-terrigenous facies, which is mainly characterized by marlstone, mudstone and sandstone, with a coal-bearing series developed locally.
40 marlstone is the main roof, and the immediate roof that needs to be controlled is 19.94 m, including the No.
System Formation Jurassic Zhenzhuchong [J.sub.1z] Xujiahe [T.sub.3xj] Triassic Leikoupo [T.sub.2l] Jialingjiang [T.sub.1j] Feixianguan [T.sub.1f] Changxing [P.sub.2c] Permian Wujiaping [P.sub.2w] Maokou [P.sub.1m] Liangshan [P.sub.1q+l] Silurian Luoreping [S.sub.1lr] System Lithology Jurassic Dark-brown shale and mudstone, light-gray sandstone Dark-brown shale, light-gray sandstone The upper part is dark-brown shale and marlstone. Triassic The middle part is dark-brown shale and light-gray sandstone.
B7 Malatya: Akcadag district, Levent Canyon, on marlstone rocky cliffs 1390 m, 26.06.2011, H.Yildirim 2128 (holotype: EGE42431, isotypes: EGE42432, NGBB, ANK).
The case against his firm Marlstone Investments has been adjourned until next Tuesday after his lawyer asked that bottles seized from the pub be made available as exhibits in court.
Loess overlies Cretaceous sediments which are predominately composed of marlstone of Turonian age.
The rock is not shale; it's an organic marlstone that contains a waxy substance called kerogen.
Upland soils in the area have been developed on thick-bedded conglomerate intcrbedded with marlstone and dark grey siltstone, massive limestone, and marl/limestone slaty in part.
The soils are formed mainly of Devonian dolomite, dolomite marlstone, and clay bedrocks, moraine clayey material, sandy eolic and alluvial deposits.
Roughly two-thirds of Cuba's territory is karstic, with an abundance of limestone, marlstone, marble and other carbonaceous rocks.
The Verdiana stream flows on a rocky base made up of quartz-feldspar turbiditic sandstone rocks alternating with silt schists related to the Macigno formation, alternating with marlstone which is typical of the central part of its course.