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A crumbly mixture of clays, calcium and magnesium carbonates, and remnants of shells that is sometimes found under desert sands and used as fertilizer for lime-deficient soils.
tr.v. marled, marl·ing, marls
To fertilize with such a mixture.

[Middle English marle, from Old French, from Medieval Latin margila, marla, diminutive of Latin marga, marl, of Celtic origin.]

marl′y adj.
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Adj.1.marly - of or relating to or resembling or abounding in marlmarly - of or relating to or resembling or abounding in marl


[ˈmɑːlɪ] ADJmargoso
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The sun poured down its burning rays upon the heathen deities of marble and bronze: it raised the temperature of the water in the conch shells, and ripened, on the walls, those magnificent peaches, of which the king, fifty years later, spoke so regretfully, when, at Marly, on an occasion of a scarcity of the finer sorts of peaches being complained of, in the beautiful gardens there - gardens which had cost France double the amount that had been expended on Vaux - the
The plain, at the distance of a few miles from the coast, belongs to the great Pampean formation, which consists in part of a reddish clay, and in part of a highly calcareous marly rock.
Aimee Sutheran and Adam King, both 28, from Stockton, are enjoying the simple everyday family life of being parents to baby Marly Grace.
Also, about 50 PPG employees from PPG's nearby Saultain and Marly plants will volunteer to help paint and renovate the university's exhibition hall, as well as to clean the surrounding grounds and canal.
IF Y the a sc bl star ith Parf ms | Parfums de Marly Akaster, PS215 for 125ml (harrods.
Marly Youmans; MAZE OF BLOOD; Mercer University Press (Fiction: Literary) 24.
145 East 32ad Street is owned by Eric and Marly Meyer, principals of Colliers International Tri-State.
In 1743, in memory of his great-grandfather Louis XIV, Louis XV commissioned Guillaume Coustou to sculpt his famous masterpiece for the grounds of the chateau de Marly (Marly Castle).
Her cousin Marly Zaslov confirmed she had been ill after being struck down with various infections.
O dialogo com textos poeticos de autoria feminina vai suscitar varias questoes--relacao entre tempo e memoria, em textos de Cecilia Meireles; essencia do habitar, em Adelia Prado; exercicio metamemorialistico, em Marly de Oliveira; essencia temporal da realidade, em Helena Parente Cunha; recriacao lirica da recordacao, em Astrid Cabral; transcendencia indizivel da palavra poetica, em Arriete Vilela; indissociabilidade entre tempo e espaco, em Renata Pallottini.
The Marly group said: "The tension with Mexico is the result of giving a public airing to a dossier that should have been treated with discretion.
We appreciate all the support patients and their families give PANDORA," said founder Marly Silverman.