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 (mär-môr′ē-əl) also mar·mo·re·an (-ē-ən)
Resembling marble, as in smoothness, whiteness, or hardness.

[From Latin marmoreus, from marmor, marble.]

mar·mo′re·al·ly adv.
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(mɑːˈmɔːrɪəl) or less commonly


(Geological Science) of, relating to, or resembling marble: a marmoreal complexion.
[C18: from Latin marmoreus, from marmor marble]
marˈmoreally adv
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(mɑrˈmɔr i əl, -ˈmoʊr-)

also mar•mo′re•an,

of or like marble.
[1790–1800; < Latin marmore(us) made of marble (see marble, -eous) + -al1]
mar•mo′re•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.marmoreal - of or relating to or characteristic of marble
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[mɑːˈmɔːrɪəl] ADJmarmóreo
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adjmarmorn, aus Marmor; (= resembling marble)marmorartig
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Perhaps her face was rigidly set--but that marmoreal impassiveness, that magnificent stolidity, as of a wonderful statue by some great sculptor working under the curse of the gods; that imposing, unthinking stillness of her features, had till then mirrored for him the tranquil dignity of a soul of which he had thought himself--as a matter of course--the inexpugnable possessor.
in one voice of a text there are other voices speaking, too, as it was sensed, with death-close trembling, by Hermann Broch, the marmoreal, feverish, hallucinated narrator of the Death of Virgil: 'Oh.
Moulded from stacks of hides, cured in salt at a tannery near her studio, the subtly coloured wax of the sculptures is all at once deathly grey, fleshly, and icily marmoreal. When I ask if the 'hides' form a contrast to the blankets in being caught in the middle of a process that tends towards usage, and even resurrection of a kind, she shakes her head.
Venus is poignant and searching, Jupiter simply teems, Saturn is a marmoreal march-past and Uranus sears, with remarkable horns and organ glissando.
Two paintings from 1878 of the same picturesque Normandy church are paired together: milky and spectral, then grey and marmoreal. The building is immutable, but the effects of light, and memory, render it endlessly variable.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has doubled down on this with his own "completely implacable, marmoreal and rocklike resistance" to Spain's joint sovereignty proposals.
And UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has doubled down on this with his own "completely implacable, marmoreal and rocklike resistance" to Spain's joint sovereignty proposals.
Whether its [sic] good or bad, I know not: I'm dazed, I'm bored, I'm sick to death: I go on crossing out commas and putting in semi-colons in a state of marmoreal despair.
Ironically, then, by excising this marmoreal visual intertext, the revision of "Half Deity" supports the New Critical notion of a poem as a freestanding "well-wrought urn"--an approach that Leavell cites as increasingly important to the reception of Moore's work at this time (see Leavell 2013, 346).
The bar at the Hideout restaurant is made of colorful marmoreal, paired with tiki-inspired trim and vintage stools.
The resulting aggregate forms suggested self-organizing, animated debris straining toward a marmoreal classical ideal.
David Perkins also noted "the restraint, studied control, marmoreal phrasing and generality ...