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also mar·que·terie  (mär′kĭ-trē)
n. pl. mar·que·tries also mar·que·teries
Material, such as wood or ivory, inlaid piece by piece into a wood surface in an intricate design and veneered to another surface, especially of furniture, for decoration.

[French marqueterie, from Old French, from marqueter, to checker, from marque, mark, ultimately from Old Norse merki, mark; see merg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈmɑːkɪtrɪ) or


n, pl -quetries or -queteries
(Crafts) a pattern of inlaid veneers of wood, brass, ivory, etc, fitted together to form a picture or design, used chiefly as ornamentation in furniture. Compare parquetry
[C16: from Old French, from marqueter to inlay, from marque mark1]
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or mar•que•te•rie

(ˈmɑr kɪ tri)

inlaid work of variously colored woods or other materials forming a picture or pattern, esp. in furniture.
[1555–65; < Middle French marqueterie inlaid work =marquet(er) to speckle, spot, inlay + -erie -ery]
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a form of decoration, often used in furniture-making, composed of inlays of wood veneers of different colors.
See also: Ornamentation, Wood
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Colored or varnished woods, ivory, or other materials that are inlaid flush with the surface of an object.
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Noun1.marquetry - inlaid veneers are fitted together to form a design or picture that is then used to ornament furnituremarquetry - inlaid veneers are fitted together to form a design or picture that is then used to ornament furniture
inlay - a decoration made by fitting pieces of wood into prepared slots in a surface
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[ˈmɑːkɪtrɪ] Nmarquetería f
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nMarketerie f, → Einlegearbeit f
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The exhibit will feature arrays of personal ornamentation, woodwork, illuminated manuscript, miniature, textile printing, enamel, leatherwork, handwoven textile, calligraphy, traditional musical instrument, metalwork, and marquetry to name a few.
The Pullman carriages, each bearing the name of a British castle or stately home, have been lovingly restored with marquetry, murals, mosaics and embroidery, while the food is served off the finest china with wines in sparkling goblets.
only this time it was in the marquetry of a humble, yet charming, nest of two tables, the tops inlaid with marquetry, one depicting coastal cottages, the smaller with fishing boats at sea, They too dated from about 1900 and sold for PS460, despite one from the nest being missing.
Organisers Belmond said the rail carriages - with art deco detail, handcrafted marquetry and gleaming crystal - will transport lucky passengers to a more glamorous age.
Outlines all the tools and techniques needed to work with veneer (including vacuum bagging and using clamps and cauls) are provided, as well as chapters on the fascinating arts of marquetry and parquetry.
Organisers Belmond said the rail carriages --with art deco detail, handcrafted marquetry and gleaming crystal -- will A-transport lucky A-passengers to a more glamorous age.
Also featured were studios for marquetry and craftsmanship.
Named "The Caterpillar's Endless Sigh," it is a work of khatam (a Persian version of marquetry or inlaying) made in 2016 and inspired by the Russian Avantgrade artist, designer and architect El Lissitzky (1890-1941), Honaronline reported.
The Grand Lobby rises three decks, and has a stunning 18ft marquetry artwork of the original Queen Elizabeth, designed by Her Majesty the Queen's nephew David Linley.
A marquetry scene on the handcrafted unit, depicting the geometric front matrix grille and headlight of the 8l, reveals a display window, inside which a piece of the crankshaft from WO Bentley's own 8l car is showcased.
Cartier's panther stalked SIHH with the brand using its feline motif across eight different lines, including this 40mm pink gold effort with stunning cubist design, diamonds, emeralds and straw marquetry.