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n.1.(Bot.) A coarse grass found on sandy beaches (Ammophila arundinacea). See Beach grass, under Beach.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ellis Barrie, the previous two-time contestant of The Great British Menu and co-owner of the Marram Grass cafe in Newborough with brother Liam, will be one of the chefs involved.
No matter how sweet the scented honeysuckle that cascades into the roadsides, no matter how lush the marram grass that lines the coastal lanes, we ALWAYS manage to encounter a gnarled scrap of metalwork ready to pierce one of our tyres.
When the golf course was built many thousands of sprigs of marram grass were planted to fix the dynamic shifting dunes.
The notorious 17th, Iffrin - it means "Hell" - is a vortex-shaped from the dune system of marram and close-cropped grass, and is one of many great holes.
RAZORING THE STAKES MARRAM Co's mission is to make shaving more pleasurable.
Ellis has earned a growing reputation for excellence since opening Anglesey restaurant Marram Grass alongside his older brother Liam.
The for Mwingi west and central Mressrs Charles Nguna and Gedion Mulyungi respectively where the accident took place blamed the contactor who is rehabilitating the Thika-Mwingi road for having contributed to the accident by leaving a heap of marram of the side of the road.
Last week a blaze broke out in marram grass on the sand dunes next to Portmarnock Golf Club.
The waves are smoother after being broken down by a palm trees boulevard and marram grass verges.