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n. pl. Mar·ra·nos Offensive
Used as a disparaging term for a Converso.

[Spanish, pig, Marrano (from the Jewish prohibition against eating pork), probably from Arabic maḥram, something forbidden, from ḥarama, to forbid; see x̣rm in Semitic roots.]
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n, pl -nos
(Judaism) a Spanish or Portuguese Jew of the late Middle Ages who was converted to Christianity, esp one forcibly converted but secretly adhering to Judaism
[from Spanish, literally: pig, with reference to the Jewish prohibition against eating pig meat]
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(məˈrɑ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
a Spanish or Portuguese Jew forced to convert to Christianity during the late Middle Ages.
[< Sp: literally, pig, from the Jewish law forbidding the eating of pork]
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Noun1.Marrano - (medieval Spain and Portugal) a disparaging term for a Jew who converted to Christianity in order to avoid persecution but continued to practice their religion secretly
Converso - (medieval Spain and Portugal) a Jew or Moor who professed to convert to Christianity in order to avoid persecution or expulsion
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These baptised Jews and their descendants who were suspected of secret adherence to Judaism were called 'Marrano' meaning 'swine,' in Spanish, insinuating the Jewish abhorrence of pork.
In the second chapter, "Reading Forgiveness in a Marrano Idiom," Banki draws attention to Derrida's concerns that the globalization of Christianity has resulted in a cheapening of the violence and degradation accomplished in the Holocaust due to Christianity's insistence on the possibility--indeed, the necessity--that victims forgive.
As masterfully evoked by Marcos Aguinis, Francisco Maldonado da Silva, the son of a convicted Marrano, strives to recover his forgotten heritage and live a Jewish life.
These reasons, as well as limitations of space and scope, precluded analysis in this article of other works of Latin American literature that rework the conflict between secret Jews and the Iberian Inquisition, foremost among them the novel La gesta del marrano (The Epic of the Marrano) by the Argentine Marcos Aguinis.
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Era judeu marrano? Nao se sabe, nunca se vira, porventura, a averiguar.