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Noun1.marriage bed - the bed shared by a newly wed couplemarriage bed - the bed shared by a newly wed couple
bed - a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"
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Matters being thus adjusted, his lordship took his leave, and the ladies retired to rest, where Mrs Fitzpatrick entertained her cousin with many high encomiums on the character of the noble peer, and enlarged very particularly on his great fondness for his wife; saying, she believed he was almost the only person of high rank who was entirely constant to the marriage bed. "Indeed," added she, "my dear Sophy, that is a very rare virtue amongst men of condition.
Mars made Venus many presents, and defiled King Vulcan's marriage bed, so the sun, who saw what they were about, told Vulcan.
O husband, whose unhappy fate in being mine hath borne thee from the marriage bed to the grave!"
Let Death go to houses Where there are vile, adulterous things, chaste wives Who growing weary of their noble lords Draw back the curtains of their marriage beds, And in polluted and dishonoured sheets Feed some unlawful lust.
Sex has become an activity intended to fulfil the desire of the flesh rather than keeping it in marriage and honouring the marriage bed.
Both of you will achieve fulfillment when you come into the marriage bed thinking, "How can I pleasure her?" and she enters thinking, "How can I pleasure him?" If both of you have a goal of mutually fulfilling each other, the end result is satisfied lovers.
He's one of the most iconic figures from Britishhistory, but it seems that Henry VII's marriage bed has somehow ended up in a hotel for the last 15 years.
With the eugenics movement gaining popularity and the Roman Catholic Church--a foreign entity--accused of attempting to silence public debate about birth control, visions of racial purity, lower-class population control, and preserving First Amendment rights drove Protestant support for Sanger as much as concern for the sanctity of the marriage bed.
The argument pushes the boundaries of what these sources can tell us, reflecting on the mood associated with particular colours, and inviting the reader to imagine the sensations a young woman felt as she embroidered the bedcover for her marriage bed, or the emotional investment in a bed in which children had been born and loved ones had died.
Clearly we are witnesses to a play of obsessive paranoia - Eddie's wife Beatrice (Nicola Walker in a fine performance) watches Eddie and the girl with a sense of unreality - Eddie is neglecting his marital duties in the marriage bed; Beatrice is neglected and she knows why.
Before the overture, a young woman in a tulle wedding dress throws herself dolefully on the marriage bed and falls asleep, a bloodstained handkerchief in her hand.
These [are the adventures] of the silvery girl Rhodanthe with the lovely garland and of the valiant and comely youth Dosikles, the flights and wanderings and tempests and billows, brigands, grievous eddies, sorrows that give rise to love, chains and indissoluble fetters and imprisonments in gloomy dungeons, grim sacrifices, bitter grief, poisoned cups and paralysis of joints, and then marriage and the marriage bed and passionate love.

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