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Noun1.marriage broker - someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for othersmarriage broker - someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others
go-between, intercessor, intermediary, intermediator, mediator - a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
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Adrian Dwyer is a fresh-voiced and appealing Joseph, with Simon Wilding in strong support as the odious marriage broker Kettle.
Ramcharan (Sudhir Pandey), a rich man with five sons, consults a marriage broker to find a wife for Rakesh (Pankaj Jha), the eldest.
Former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan discloses that Diana asked him to act as marriage broker with the 40-year-old heart surgeon.
Mezzo-soprano Tatiana Busuioc was a surprisingly characterful servant to Butterfly and Goro the marriage broker was given a delightfully amusing performance from Anatol Arcea.
Penniless and unemployed, separated from his mother, his dog and his girlfriend Vida (Jelena Dokic) who has gone to Chicago--he turns to a marriage broker (Milena Dravic) to find love.
The tale of the outwitting of the marriage broker is a surefire winner, and with its famous dances and overture it never fails to set the audience alight.
Peter Hoare's marriage broker added light relief, musical and imaginative, while Anna Burford's rich, dark voice brought great distinction to the character of maidservant Suzuki.
Taiwan authorities banned for-profit marriage broker agencies in 2008, although there is a one-year grace period to allow existing agencies to close down operations.
These often offer the option of an organized tour of the source country--such as Vietnam, Cambodia, or Mongolia--to select a bride for purchase, or the option of selecting one from the comfort of home through the use of the Internet-based marriage broker.
The former Pakistan cricket captain, who once played for Worcestershire, was asked by his friend the Princess of Wales to act as a marriage broker with Dr Hasnat Khan, he told a television documentary.
Joseph Shovelton's heartlessly spivvy marriage broker, Goro, shares the complicity in Butterfly's tragedy between Japanese and American.
And marriage broker Goro, (tenor James McLennan), who machinates the nuptials between Pinkerton and Butterfly, appeared far too polite for a scheming plot driver.

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