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Noun1.marriage contract - a prenuptial agreement or contractmarriage contract - a prenuptial agreement or contract  
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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There is another custom amongst them yet more extraordinary, which is, that the wife is punished whenever the husband proves false to the marriage contract; this punishment indeed extends no farther than a pecuniary mulct, and what seems more equitable, the husband is obliged to pay a sum of money to his wife.
"Mademoiselle, if the king goes beyond Poitiers and sets out for Spain, if the articles of the marriage contract are agreed upon by Don Luis de Haro and his eminence, you must plainly perceive that it is not child's play."
I was not able to learn what particular ceremony was observed in forming the marriage contract, but am inclined to think that it must have been of a very simple nature.
"Fortunately, by our marriage contract, the survivor takes everything."
So, the happy pair, with this hopeful marriage contract thus signed, sealed, and delivered, repair homeward.
Choisnel, Mademoiselle Cormon's notary, asserted the latter, had heard nothing about the marriage contract; but the believers, still firm in their faith, carried off, on the twentieth day, a signal victory: Monsieur Lepressoir, the notary of the liberals, went to Mademoiselle Cormon's house, and the contract was signed.
"You seem to think your marriage contract a very light matter, Mr.
Rushworth had no difficulty in procuring a divorce; and so ended a marriage contracted under such circumstances as to make any better end the effect of good luck not to be reckoned on.
Waleed Al Samaani, the Saudi Minister of Justice, has submitted a marriage contract of a 10-year-old girl to the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and to review it in light of the children protection laws.
President Sisi attend a wedding party of two couple- photo courtesy of the couples' relatives Facebook accounts CAIRO -- 11 July 2019: Upon the invitation of the Egyptian bride and groom, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has attended their wedding party and signed their marriage contract. President Sisi attend a wedding party of two couple- photo courtesy of the couples' relatives Facebook accounts President Sisi's attendance is welcomed by the newly-married couple and their relatives and friends, where they shared photos of the wedding ceremony on Facebook and Twitter.
The best documentary evidence of a marriage is the marriage contract itself freely and voluntarily signed by the parties after obtaining a marriage license.
A CII spokesman, in a statement, denied a news reported by a section of media that the Council was contemplating a 'women-friendly' marriage contract by adding a new clause in the Nikkahnama (consummation of marriage) giving powers to the women to divorce.