marriage proposal

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Noun1.marriage proposal - an offer of marriagemarriage proposal - an offer of marriage      
question - an informal reference to a marriage proposal; "he was ready to pop the question"
offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
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"Mine was a business proposition, not a marriage proposal," she interrupted, coldly angry.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 31 (ANI): Delhi Police Special Cell on Friday arrested a 32-year-old man for brutally murdering a sex worker after she rejected his marriage proposal.
MARDAN -- A young man committed suicide in Mardan on Thursday by consuming poisonous pills over rejection of a marriage proposal. Local sources said 25 year old Habibur Rehman from Mohib Banda area of Mardan wanted to marry a girl and sent his parents with a marriage proposal, but his proposal was rejected by the girl's family.
HARIPUR -- A teen boy committed suicide after killing 15 years old girl after rejection of marriage proposal by her parents in a village Dollary of Haripur.
LAHORE -- In a latest physical abuse incident, a boy on Monday allegedly subjected a second year student to torture and shaved her head off over rejection of his marriage proposal in a Lahore locality, media reported.
In another episode of violence on women, a boy Monday allegedly beat up and shaved the head of a second-year student after she did not accept his marriage proposal in Lahore.
In a horrific incident that took place in Istanbul, a man brutally killed a woman after she refused his marriage proposal. The man, who was already married, also chopped off the woman's ears and fingers.
It revolves around the dynamics a girl thinks are necessary for her marriage proposal.
SARGODHA -- A youth was shot dead for refusing marriage proposal in Bhera police limits here on Thursday.
New Delhi: A mother of five was stabbed to death by a jilted lover here, after she turned down his marriage proposal, a senior police officer said on Thursday.
Muzaffargarh -- A man shot his sister dead for allegedly refusing a marriage proposal of his liking.
Bar Zomer, a famous Israel model and internet celebrity with 430,000 followers in Instagram, posted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend while she was in Sun Moon Lake.