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Noun1.Marriage settlement - a prenuptial agreement or contractmarriage settlement - a prenuptial agreement or contract  
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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Of a very considerable fortune, his son was, by marriage settlements, eventually secure; his present income was an income of independence and comfort, and under every pecuniary view, it was a match beyond the claims of their daughter.
She'll never get back a dollar more of her money than what he's voluntarily returned to her: their damned heathen marriage settlements take precious good care of that.
The old gentleman is rusty to look at, but is reputed to have made good thrift out of aristocratic marriage settlements and aristocratic wills, and to be very rich.
The subject of marriage settlements is one of them.
If there are various ways of quieting one's conscience, in the way of marriage settlements, so are there various modes of appeasing our sense of pride.
There love means marriage settlements, death, death duties.
You have given me your abstract of a marriage settlement with the brevity of an ancient Roman.
If I ever meet with the man who fulfills my ideal, I shall make it a condition of the marriage settlement, that I am to have chocolate under the pillow.
Do you know if the marriage settlement he promised me has come?
7) The net remainder of the conjugal partnership properties shall constitute the profits, which shall be divided equally between husband and wife, unless a different proportion or division was agreed upon in the marriage settlements or unless there has been a voluntary waiver or forfeiture of such share as provided in this Code;
Exorbitant marriage settlements are the reason why many Afghans -- both females and males -- fail to get married.
WITH marriage settlements in the news, the Supreme Court having just ruled that aggrieved divorcees can now seek more money from former husbands found to have lied about their wealth, it was fascinating to read in the autobiography Goodbye To All That by Robert Graves about the divorce rights for Mohammedan women in Egypt in the 1920s.