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Suitable for marriage: of marriageable age.

mar′riage·a·bil′i·ty, mar′riage·a·ble·ness n.
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Noun1.marriageability - eligibility for marriage
eligibility - the quality or state of being eligible; "eligibility of a candidate for office"; "eligibility for a loan"
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In particular, the dramatic mismatch between skill level and employment opportunities among black males has further undermined marriageability in the inner-city black community.
By the same token, as it becomes increasingly clear that aspirations to family formation are being stymied by wage stagnation and disappointing job prospects among working-class and less-educated men, conservatives are coming to realize that they need to be concerned about economic and labor market bottlenecks that reduce men's employability, damage their marriageability, and help drive the cycle of family decline.
Her seducer had ended her marriageability in a society where marriage was essential to her economic survival and social respect.
FGC is perpetuated for many reasons, including preserving chastity, ensuring marriageability, improving fertility, enhancing sexual pleasure for men, enforcing a rite of passage, and improving hygiene.
Silverman explains that Romani families can be proud of young women who show dignity, delicate artistry and marriageability by dancing in Romani Family settings, contrasting this with mass-mediated dance that conveys the stereotype of a sexually libertine Gypsy woman.
These gender differences in the impact of age on marriageability further increase the risk of traditional marriage for women.
When examined in comparison with the historical practice of skin whitening among European and early American women, we see that in choosing to bleach the skin, both African and European/American seem to have responded not only to the projected White ideals of beauty and femininity, but in as much as the use of whitening products conferred upon them desirability among men, and thus potentially increased their marriageability, they seem to have responded to societal gender roles and expectations--that women should become wives and mothers.
Both partners are asked to present the certificate of marriageability, in Mr Bray's case a Walsall Council tax demand, and three formal photos of the couple together.
The teaching assistant at university risked her marriageability by eating an hibiscus ice lolly in the park with me.
177) The last line of Talon's letter, in which he requests proof of marriageability, alludes to an earlier scandal that occurred when it was revealed that some of the earliest brides had husbands back in France.
Initiation conferred socially approved adult status, and with it marriageability.