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Noun1.married person - a person's partner in marriagemarried person - a person's partner in marriage  
man and wife, married couple, marriage - two people who are married to each other; "his second marriage was happier than the first"; "a married couple without love"
bigamist - someone who marries one person while already legally married to another
consort - the husband or wife of a reigning monarch
domestic partner, significant other, spousal equivalent, spouse equivalent - a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship
helpmate, helpmeet - a helpful partner
hubby, husband, married man - a married man; a woman's partner in marriage
relative, relation - a person related by blood or marriage; "police are searching for relatives of the deceased"; "he has distant relations back in New Jersey"
monogamist, monogynist - someone who practices monogamy (one spouse at a time)
honeymooner, newlywed - someone recently married
polygamist - someone who is married to two or more people at the same time
married woman, wife - a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
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But you are a single person, sir, and may you long be spared to ask a married person such a question!"
We shall therefore very minutely lay open those previous matters by which it was produced; and for that purpose we shall be obliged to reveal all the secrets of a little family with which my reader is at present entirely unacquainted; and of which the oeconomy was so rare and extraordinary, that I fear it will shock the utmost credulity of many married persons.
The love of trade is assigned as a reason for that comfortless custom, so very prevalent in country towns, of married persons living in hotels, having no fireside of their own, and seldom meeting from early morning until late at night, but at the hasty public meals.
And, more even than that, whatever the law for its consistency may presume, men and women are, in point of fact, held to be married in Scotland where consent has never been interchanged, and where the parties do not even know that they are legally held to be married persons. Are you sufficiently confused about the law of Irregular Marriages in Scotland by this time, Mr.
Before 2016, when a married person died, their spouse was entitled to make a claim to boost their state pension income based on the deceased partner's National Insur-ance record.
Every married person knows, 'I love you' is a preamble to 'I am sorry'.
Marriage is all about trust, and it is not until you make noise or paint the town red before one sees himself or herself as a married person. I am married to the mother of my son already even though we are not officially married.
It does sound as if your ex made several bad choices: being a married person's side piece; dating you while still hung up on someone else; failing to connect the dots between secret trysts and unrealistic romantic expectations ...
Opinions are also sought on whether further changes are needed to exclusion orders, which suspend the right of a married person, civil partner or cohabitee to live in the family home.
A married person needs to consider his or her spouse in things such as spending money, making meals, or organizing a home environment.
She also added that as a married person in her early 50s with children who are already grown up, she feels a greater responsibility towards supporting parents than people in their 30s and 40s.
SIALKOT -- An unemployed married person committed suicide by swallowing poisonous pills over a domestic issue at his home in village Malwal-Kotli Loharaan here.