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 (măr′ən, mă-rôN′)
[French; see maroon2.]


(ˈmærən; French marɔ̃)
(Plants) a large edible sweet chestnut
[from French, of obscure origin]


(Animals) a large freshwater crayfish of Western Australia, Cherax tenuimanus
[from a native Australian language]


(məˈroʊn, mæˈrɔ̃)

a large European chestnut.
[1970–75; < French; see maroon1]
References in classic literature ?
The wine tasted good; the marron glace seemed to be just what she wanted.
Next we'll lure him on--(that's about the reach of his arm)--with the marron glare, and then he'll open out this orange.
With care and elaboration they ornamented that tree's lower branches with sugar-topped biscuits, oranges, bits of banana, and marrons glares till it looked very ape's path to Paradise.
Jessica Marron, 29, jumped behind the wheel of Joe Fishwick's Vauxhall Zafira after falling out with him at a house party.
NASDAQ: NVEE) has acquired New Mexico, US-based environmental services firm Marron and Associates, Inc.
MARRON JOE Always remembered, goodnight God bless Joe.
Now the 27-year-old X Factor winner is emulating Houston in her first acting role, too, playing Rachel Marron in this entertaining stage musical version of The Bodyguard.
Luna Mayor Victor Marvin Marron said chunks of the Spanish-era structure now scattered on a beach in Barangay Victoria could be dragged by strong waves into the sea if the area would not be secured and protected soon.
Kim Marron piled on the pounds when she went to college and it was only after she decided to ditch convenience food and adopt a healthy lifestyle that she began her weight loss journey.
Lancashire have |announced the death of former head groundsman Pete Marron.
And it's all delivered aawlessly by 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, who plays Rachel Marron - the platinum-plated singer with Oscar ambitions who nds herself in danger thanks to a crazed - but tooled-up - stalker.