marrons glacés

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mar·rons gla·cés

 (mă-rōN′ glă-sā′)
Chestnuts glazed with sugar or preserved in vanilla-flavored syrup.

[French : marrons, marrons + glacés, pl. of glacé, glazed.]

marrons glacés

(marɔ̃ ɡlase)
pl n
(Cookery) chestnuts cooked in syrup and glazed
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It's also the end of chestnut season, where the rural roads become dangerously slippery with windfall chestnuts, and those who collect them work their magic to preserve them for future use - the aforementioned purees, or sugar-poached marrons glaces, or, handily, flour.
2 MARRONS glaces are whole chestnuts soaked in syrup, which can be used as decoration for cakes and puddings.
What are crystallised to make the French sweetmeats marrons glaces? 7.
What are crystallised to make the French thought to have been murdered in the Tower sweetmeats marrons glaces? of London?
"Bateel is a brand of choice for fine food, offering a wide variety that includes Turkish delight, date jams and honeys, date pesto, mustard and balsamic vinegar and other date-inspired delicacies as well as more traditional sweets like nougat and marrons glaces."
Such a way of making cities would result in universal road-to-the-airport syndrome, where ducks and decorated sheds succeed each other ad nauseam--at best caviar mixed with marrons glaces, at worst (ie normally) tacky, shabby and completely banal.
Other flavors in Francois Theron's organic assortment are: Pain d'epices Bio (Spice Bread), Calissons Bin (with sweets composed of ground almond), Caramel au Beurre Sale Bin (Caramel with Salted Butter), and Marrons Glaces Bio (Glazed Chestnuts).