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1. Bone marrow.
2. The spinal cord.
3. The marrow squash.
a. The inmost, choicest, or essential part; the pith.
b. Strength or vigor; vitality.

[Middle English marow, from Old English mearg.]

mar′row·y adj.
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Precisely meaningful and tersely cogent:
Informal: brass-tacks.
Idioms: down to brass tacks, to the point.
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With axe and shovel you explore this mine, and follow the marrowy store, yellow as beef tallow, or as if you had struck on a vein of gold, deep into the earth.
"There were many that longed for stronger fare, something more marrowy and awful, pictures of the hell of torment which awaited those who were not of the Elect" (Buchan 59).
Instead, repeated words are things, possessing substance or body ("an inward unction, a marrowy vein"), even, or especially, in being the "common English word[s]" that are the hallmark of the familiar style (8.245).