marsh mallow

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 (märsh′mĕl′ō, -măl′ō)
a. A light, spongy, very sweet confection made of corn syrup, gelatin, sugar, and often vanilla.
b. A confection of sweetened paste, formerly made from the root of the marshmallow plant.
2. often marsh mallow A perennial plant (Althaea officinalis) in the mallow family, native to Eurasia and naturalized in eastern North America, having pink flowers and a mucilaginous root used in herbal medicine and formerly in confections.

marsh′mal′low·y adj.
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marsh mallow

1. (Plants) a malvaceous plant, Althaea officinalis, that grows in salt marshes and has pale pink flowers. The roots yield a mucilage formerly used to make marshmallows
2. (Plants) US and Canadian another name for rose mallow1
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marsh′ mal`low

an Old World mallow, Althaea officinalis, having pink flowers, found in marshy places.
[before 1000]


(ˈmɑrʃˌmɛl oʊ, -ˌmæl oʊ)

1. a spongy confection made from gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring.
2. a sweetened paste made from the root of the marsh mallow.
marsh′mal`low•y, adj.
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Noun1.marsh mallow - European perennial plant naturalized in United States having triangular ovate leaves and lilac-pink flowersmarsh mallow - European perennial plant naturalized in United States having triangular ovate leaves and lilac-pink flowers
genus Althaea - hollyhocks; in some classification systems synonymous with genus Alcea
althaea, althea, hollyhock - any of various plants of the genus Althaea; similar to but having smaller flowers than genus Alcea
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marsh mallow

n (plant) → altea
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