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Every now and then through the stillness came the sharp crack of a rifle from the snipers lying hidden in the little stretches of woodland and marshland away on the right.
San Rafael, where we were to turn our catch over to the authorities, communicated with the bay by way of a long and tortuous slough, or marshland creek, which could be navigated only when the tide was in.
For two hours they marched through forest and marshland, along the left bank of the river Aveyron; Sir Nigel riding behind his Company, with Alleyne at his right hand, and Johnston, the old master bowman, walking by his left stirrup.
Yet, to his surprise, he was suddenly aware that the seat opposite to him had been noiselessly taken by a girl whose eyes, also, were fixed with curious intentness upon the broad expanse of marshland and sands across which the train was slowly making its way.
He looked afraid of somebody overhearing my audacious-- almost sacrilegious hint--as if there had not been a mile and a half of lonely marshland and dykes between us and the nearest human habitation.
First, after we left the river, we worked toward the west till we came to a small stream that flowed through marshlands.
This discharge impacts nearly 10,000 acres of water and tidal marshland in the Western Bays, from Atlantic Beach to Point Lookout, including Hewlett Harbor and Baldwin Harbor.
Arvin John Encinas, 6th Infantry Division spokesperson, said clashes were still on going with the Army and police pursuing some 200 heavily armed BIFF men fleeing to the Maguindanao marshland with an undetermined number of hostages used as human shields.
Helena, however, is anything but typical: She is the product of a man (Jacob) who kidnapped her mother at age thirteen and forced her to live in a remote cabin in the marshland where she gave birth to Helena.
A hill with young woodland growing upon it was chosen, as the best setting, but we were given stern warnings to keep away from the school pond and surrounding marshland.
Original Spanish versions of Marshland (18+) on May 15, Box 507 (PG) on May 16, and Thesis (18+) on May 17 with English subtitles will be shown to those interested in Spanish language and culture, and to the audience in Oman in general.
Traditionally, the bay houses were built on mudsills, which rested on the marshland and allowed owners to move their bay houses when the marshland eroded.