marshmallow fluff

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Noun1.marshmallow fluff - a very sweet white spread resembling marshmallow candy
paste, spread - a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
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Catering to the sweet-toothed among us, the German store has also released Coconut Cake, Marshmallow Fluff Cake and Strawberry Pavlova scented candles, which come in a cute glass jar.
A pair of chunky marshmallow fluff sneakers should be enough to weigh you down and prevent the tempting jaunt to the American chips aisle.
We found that Marshmallow Fluff worked extraordinarily well, instead of marshmallows, because it stayed soft while frozen and created enticing pockets of marshmallow throughout the ice cream.
Marshmallow fluff, rainbow sprinkles, and raspberries in a thick coconut-milk foundation
Our signature marshmallow fluff that's torched until warm & gooey, stuffed in a buttery vanilla waffle cone then topped with a scoop of Coffee & Olive nitro ice cream + a dusting of cocoa powder.
"Ghirardelli triple chocolate cookie | peanut butter | marshmallow fluff | marshmallows | rich vanilla bean ice cream," says the menu.
In addition, The Inventing Room enchants the mind and tantalises the taste buds with flavoursome ingredients, such as exploding whipped cream and burnt marshmallow fluff, prepared using liquid nitrogen, while Tart Bakery, Dubai's new patisserie invites guests to experience and appreciate the art of tart.
This is my twist on Eton Mess using a Victoria sandwich and the devil's work that is Marshmallow Fluff!
The s'more 5.0 -- a disassembled version of the camping favourite that brought back childhood memories -- turned out to be a rich flourless chocolate cake served alongside homemade marshmallow fluff, milk chocolate ice cream and gluten-free graham crackers.
Peabutter might be a radical new concept for most Americans, but they are sure to be better acquainted with its distant cousin, peanut butter, which is popping up alongside other beloved ingredients like bacon, marshmallow fluff and banana.
Both blue-sky dreamers and hardcore socialists want to disarm us; the former group because they have marshmallow fluff between their ears, and the latter, to clear the decks for unopposed governmental tyranny.
This is the time for funnel cake-flavored beer, deep-fried jumbo gummy bears and the 18-inch Dogzilla bacon corn dog, of deep-fried butter, of volcanic rivers of melted cheese and marshmallow Fluff.