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n. marsupialización, conversión de una cavidad cerrada a una forma de bolsa abierta.
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In our study, 9 (25.0%) patients underwent laparoscopic deroofing with omentoplasty, 6 (16.7%) patients underwent marsupialization, 5 (13.9%) patients underwent marsupialization with omentoplasty, 5 (13.9%) patients underwent cystopericystectomy, 4 (11.1%) patients underwent cystopericystectomy with omentoplasty, 3 (8.3%) patients underwent enucleation with external drainage, 2 (5.6%) patients underwent capitonnage, and 1 (2.8%) patient each underwent enucleation with capitonnage and PAIR.
Marsupialization or partial resection has a high rate of recurrence.
Definitive treatment of UD is surgical intervention with techniques including marsupialization, endoscopic unroofing, fulguration and most commonly, complete excision with reconstruction (2).
Surgical treatment of odontogenic cysts and tumors varies from marsupialization to surgical resection.
Marsupialization or needle aspiration of the perinephric fluid can be performed for large perinephric collections.
Endoscopic marsupialization of mucoceles was successful in 19 patients, with only one recurrent frontal mucocele.
Intranasal marsupialization of mucocele was reported as early as 1921 by Horwath32 and recently for other authors33,34.
Surgical procedures (marsupialization, evacuation of the cyst elements, and filling the cyst with saline), percutaneous drainage, and administration of a sclerosing agent such as 96% alcohol and 1% polidocanol under ultrasound guidance are the general treatment modalities for HC in the liver (4, 6).
Before the development of laparoscopic surgery, SRC were treated by percutaneous aspiration with or without instillation of sclerosing agents, percutaneous marsupialization or open decortication.Initially, in the treatment of simple cysts, percutaneous aspiration and sclerosing therapy was used for several years.
For large cysts, initial marsupialization to diminish the osseous defect, followed by enucleation and tooth extraction may be advocated.
The surgical intervention can consist of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or unroofing (marsupialization) of the coronary artery that prevents further compression of the artery in its interarterial course [15].
The last option was marsupialization that would allow lesion drainage without excision, but this technique is more fitted for larger lesions.