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n. marsupialización, conversión de una cavidad cerrada a una forma de bolsa abierta.
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We previously described in detail the surgical technique for endoscopic marsupialization.
1) Submandibular calculi located close to the orifice of the Wharton duct can be removed by marsupialization.
At present, many treatments are available for KCOTs, such as enucleation, curettage, cryosurgery, resection, marsupialization and decompression.
We performed a 1-2 cm incision just about the bulged point of the masses, excised masses from adjacent tissue and totally removed both masses and did marsupialization.
Comparison of a fistulectomy and a fistulotomy with marsupialization in the management of a simple anal fistula: a randomized, controlled pilot trial.
Thus, endoscopic frontoethmoidal mucocele marsupialization was performed under general anesthesia.
Endoscopy has been recently considered to be a better intervention as it maintains the basic surgical strategy of marsupialization without the invasiveness of open craniotomy and avoiding the complications caused by shunt treatment.
Different treatment options are available for the management of jaw cysts including enucleation, marsupialization or decompression and marsupialization followed by enucleation12.
Pilonidal sinus disease can be treated with various surgical techniques such as excision and primary closure, rhomboid excision and Limberg flap, marsupialization, and cleft lift procedure.
Extraction of the primary molars and marsupialization of the lesion is also included in this method of treatment.
The techniques applied at open surgery can all be performed laparoscopically and include puncture and aspiration, marsupialization, unroofing and drainage, unroofing and omentoplasty, partial and complete pericystectomy.