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Cyst marsupialization, aspiration, and nephrectomy are treatment options in symptomatic patients.
We report the intraperitoneal marsupialization of a giant para-pelvic renal cyst - a rarely performed procedure.
Marsupialization and iodine sclerotherapy of a branchial cyst in a horse.
Recurrences can be seen (up to 25% of cases), especially in NBCCS patients or in patients managed with Carnoy solution, enucleation alone, or marsupialization.
Management of nasolabial cysts by transnasal endoscopic marsupialization.
Alternative approaches include transnasal endoscopic marsupialization, (27,28) sclerotherapy, (29) or incision and drainage or aspiration, although all of these, especially the latter, carry an increased risk of local recurrence (5) and may thus be reserved for patients at high surgical risk and with significant comorbidities, although medical center-specific differences in surgical expertise and practice will also influence therapy choice and outcome in such rarely encountered lesions.
Compared with rhomboid excision and Limberg flap, unroofing and marsupialization required longer healing times, but patients spent less time hospitalized, and had faster functional recovery and fewer complications.
This may prevent or inhibit tract formation, leading to implant extrusion due to marsupialization and permigration, as explained by von Recum [5].
Because the patient's ICP remained high, he underwent repeat evacuation of the residual epidural hematoma and marsupialization of the left frontotemporal bone flap.
Nine patients were treated with marsupialization and one received no treatment.
Stubborn cases often respond well to marsupialization or excision of the proximal nail fold, but patients should be warned that it will take time for the nail fold to granulate in.