Martello tower

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Mar·tel·lo tower

A short, circular tower, usually made of stone and located near a shoreline as a defensive fortification.

[After Cape Mortella, Corsica, where such a tower was taken from French control by British forces in 1794 (influenced by Italian martello, hammer, in torre di martello, hammer tower, a kind of watchtower of the coasts and islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea from which an alarm signal was given by striking a bell with a hammer rather than by lighting a fire).]

Martello tower

(mɑːˈtɛləʊ) or


(Fortifications) a small circular tower for coastal defence, formerly much used in Europe
[C18: after Cape Mortella in Corsica, where the British navy captured a tower of this type in 1794]

Mar•tel′lo tow`er

(mɑrˈtɛl oʊ)

a circular fort.
[after Cape Mortella, Corsica, where a tower of this kind was taken by British forces in 1794]

martello tower

An English artillery coastal fortification copied from a tower captured in Corsica 1794; 74 were built on the east and south coasts of England against the French invasion threat 1805–12.
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Noun1.martello tower - a circular masonry fort for coastal defencemartello tower - a circular masonry fort for coastal defence
fortress, fort - a fortified defensive structure
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At its opposite extremity the street leads to a deserted martello tower, and to the forlorn outlying suburb of Slaughden, between the river Alde and the sea.
Southward, the high ridge of the sea dike, and the grim, massive circle of a martello tower reared high on its mound of grass, closed the view darkly on all that lay beyond.
Magdalen drew her hand from the captain's arm, and led the way to the mound of the martello tower.
A dilapidated windmill near by lifting its shattered arms from a mound no loftier than a rubbish heap, and a Martello tower squatting at the water's edge half a mile to the south of the Coastguard cottages, are familiar to the skippers of small craft.
It has in its park a martello tower, autographed all over by tourists, a dismantled old French fort on the hills beyond the town, and several antiquated cannon in its public squares.
Berties Dream In which year 2011 (Al Ferof) All mixed up Martello Tower
The master bedroom has incredible views - seen through its sliding doors and side picture window overlooking the Martello Tower, docklands and harbour.
The East Martello Tower is a National Register historic site.
The ultimate result will be an interactive, immersive, experience (with participants employing virtual reality goggles and gloves) to digitally visit the Martello Tower in Sandycove, south of Dublin, where Joyce's novel Ulysses begins.
DIPPY DWELLING: Martello Tower sits on the beachfront of the Suffolk town, near the mouth of the River Alde.
Landmarks include the 16th-century assembly hall on the seafront, a Napoleonicera Martello Tower and The Red House where composer Benjamin Britten lived.
Following his fourth to Martello Tower at Cheltenham the six-year-old was only narrowly denied in a good handicap at the Punchestown Festival.