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A solid solution of iron and up to one percent of carbon, the chief constituent of hardened carbon tool steels.

[After Adolf Martens (1850-1914), German metallurgist.]

mar′ten·sit′ic (-zĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Metallurgy) metallurgy a constituent formed in steels by rapid quenching, consisting of a supersaturated solid solution of carbon in iron. It is formed by the breakdown of austenite when the rate of cooling is large enough to prevent pearlite forming
[C20: named after Adolf Martens (died 1914), German metallurgist]
martensitic adj
ˌmartenˈsitically adv


(ˈmɑr tnˌzaɪt)

a magnetic microconstituent of carbon steels, formed by decomposition of austenite: found in all hardened tool steels.
[1895–1900; after Adolf Martens (d. 1914), German metallurgist; see -ite1]
mar`ten•sit′ic (-ˈzɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.martensite - a solid solution of carbon in alpha-iron that is formed when steel is cooled so rapidly that the change from austenite to pearlite is suppressedmartensite - a solid solution of carbon in alpha-iron that is formed when steel is cooled so rapidly that the change from austenite to pearlite is suppressed; responsible for the hardness of quenched steel
quenched steel - steel that has been hardened by immersing it in water or oil to cool it
primary solid solution, solid solution - a homogeneous solid that can exist over a range of component chemicals; a constituent of alloys that is formed when atoms of an element are incorporated into the crystals of a metal
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Martensitic advanced high strength steel is also estimated to join the trail in terms of demand in 2019 and beyond, as end-users continue to demonstrate marked preferences for steel solutions offering robust mechanical strength.
Steels were heat treated to produce an average prior austenite grain size of 50-70 [micro]m, a lath martensitic microstructure, and a Stage I tempered hardness of525-560 HBW (53-55 HRC).
Figure 5c shows the martensitic structure in UCHAZ, which its presence is due to the high cooling rate experienced in RSW.
Tenders are invited for Supply of castings in martensitic s.s aisi 440c grade material.
For accurate examination of carbide, identifying the type of precipitated carbide in the martensitic base during the tempering process, EDS analysis was performed at 550oC.
The third highlight, carried out within the scope of the FAAM project--short for the further development, joining technology validation and technical design of welded joints with martensitic chromium steels--is a laser-designed bumper module that demonstrates how different high-and ultra-high-strength materials can be laser-welded in a hybrid construction.
He covers electrons and holes in metals and semiconductors, crystal lattice vibrations, superconductivity, quantum coherent optics: the interaction of radiation with matter, and dislocations and Martensitic transitions.
Rupturing of martensitic matrix and delaminating were responsible for wear of the samples.
Founded in 1970, Maksteel was the first service centre in Canada to process advanced high strength steels and martensitic steels as part of their extensive supply of material types and grades.
While I am aware of austenitic, martensitic and other crystalline structures of ferrous alloys, most of our readers are not.
The examinations were performed on selected grades of low-alloy martensitic steels containing boron, with higher resistance to abrasive wear.
The main factors determining whether retained austenite remains stable in martensitic matrix include its morphology, particle size and distribution.