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1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of war.
2. Relating to or connected with the armed forces or the profession of arms.
3. Characteristic of or befitting a warrior.

[Middle English, from Latin mārtiālis, of the god Mars, from Mārs, Mārt-, Mars.]

mar′tial·ism n.
mar′tial·ist n.
mar′tial·ly adv.


 (mär′shəl) Originally Marcus Valerius Martialis. ad 40?-c. 100 .
Roman poet known for his books of epigrams.
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Adv.1.martially - in a martial manner
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But it was the heart of the house beating, faintly at first, then loudly, martially. It dominated the rain.
Accordingly the actual events may differ martially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.
India was rewarded as "the more mature partner" internationally, Smith said, but this pattern changed when Modi responded more martially in 2016.
We penetrated the Long Wall, assembling first near Pingyin, martially reaching Shi, and forcefully assaulting and seizing Chujing.
Assaulted by the neighbors: In the rural areas, there is no shortage of unmarried or martially discorded males, or the ones whose wife is not around, or the widowed or divorced, they are long "unemployed" sexually, or are "sex-starved", so the left-behind girls are an easy target for them.
(61) This inclination became stronger in Ireland where the military leadership inherent in Stratford's position made the martially inexperienced Strafford even more sensitive to challenges to the honour of his office.
In keeping with hegemonic structures, analyses of military male discourse, such as that of Ramon Hinojosa, support a construction of masculinity "that is symbolically dominant over others" in which "men position themselves as more morally oriented, self-disciplined, physically capable, emotionally controlled, martially skilled, or intelligent" (179).
Matilda's memorable public activities as a ruler had been occasioned by her exercise of political power either peacefully or martially. (9) After the premature death of her father Boniface, she had joined her mother Beatrice in administering the dominion and started ruling by herself in 1076.
Margaret Smith COURT martially acquired the perfect surname for one who has won more grand slam singles titles in tennis (24) than anyone else who has ever played the game.
Reporting from excavations and material analysis in 2002, Carballo (archaeology, Boston U.) explores the production of weaponry and martially themed symbolic items by artisans working obsidian next to the Moon Pyramid at the ancient Mexican metropolis and early state capital Teotihuacan.
In what looks like a revolutionary situation Vladimir Lenin talks about in The State and the Revolution, the poem martially titled "Volcano" constructs a radical and revolutionary world as the mutually antagonistic and irreconcilable relations between the Manichean classes of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the rich and the poor, the oppressor and the oppressed cannot continue inexorably.