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2. Heraldry A representation of a bird without feet, used as a crest or bearing to indicate a fourth son.

[French martelet, from Martin, Saint Martin of Tours.]


1. (Animals) an archaic name for a martin
2. (Heraldry) heraldry a footless bird often found in coats of arms, standing for either a martin or a swallow
[C16: from French martelet, variant of martinet, diminutive of martin]


(ˈmɑrt lɪt)

a martin, esp. the European house martin, Delichon urbica.
[1530–40; < Middle French martelet, alter. of martinet]
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Three martlets on a field azure, that must be one of the Luttrells.
You have seven martlets on your arms; give three to your wife, and you will still have four; that is one more than M.
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