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tr.v. mar·tyr·ized, mar·tyr·iz·ing, mar·tyr·iz·es
To martyr.

mar′tyr·i·za′tion (-tər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Given that the Muhammad al-Dura hoax--the staged death scene and subsequent martyrization of the 12-year-old Gazan allegedly killed in cold blood by Israeli soldiers on the second day of the "Aqsa intifada" (28)--was produced by Charles Enderlin, long-time Jerusalem correspondent of the state-owned France 2 television channel, the French authorities understandably live in dread of a real Dura on their own soil, not least since the youths readily fabricate their own child martyrs and go on the rampage in revenge.
2) An advertising spiel glorifying the digitized sanguinity of a Biblical horror movie about mayhem and martyrization (Register-Guard, Feb.
After the symbolic martyrization of the beekeeper, the images tend to blur into generic Avedons, of either of two, kinds: models shown leaping in a way, that is now a kind of cliche but which could only rarely have been a convincing idealization of what it, would mean to wear the garment modeled; and heads, commonly of famous men though sometimes of women.