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n. pl. mar·tyr·ol·o·gies
1. An official list or catalog of religious martyrs, especially of Christian martyrs.
2. An account of the life and manner of death of a martyr.
3. The branch of ecclesiastical history or hagiography that deals with martyrs.

mar′tyr·ol′o·gist n.


n, pl -gies
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) an official list of martyrs
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity the study of the lives of the martyrs
3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a historical account of the lives of martyrs
martyrological, ˌmartyroˈlogic adj
ˌmartyrˈologist n


(ˌmɑr təˈrɒl ə dʒi)

n., pl. -gies.
1. a history of martyrs.
2. a catalogue of martyrs and saints.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin < Late Greek]
mar`tyr•ol′o•gist, n.
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The Doctor's Friend.--The Origin of their Friendship.--Dick Kennedy at London.--An unexpected but not very consoling Proposal.--A Proverb by no means cheering.--A few Names from the African Martyrology.--The Advantages of a Balloon.--Dr.
They have a few names of saints, the same with those in the Roman martyrology, but they often insert others, as Zama la Cota, the Life of Truth; Ongulari, the Evangelist; Asca Georgi, the Mouth of Saint George.
What you'll never find in any martyrology service is another infamous date of mass murder: August 12, 1952.
Bishops worldwide are also asked, what Woodward reported, to contribute worthy names to a new martyrology for the church's third millennium, a list of faithful men and women in the 20th century who witnessed with their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ.
Often invoked for safe childbirth, San Ramon, whose name is included in the Roman Martyrology, is also known as the protector of the unborn and the wrongly accused.
Their topics include imperiality, deep time, and indigenous landmark epistemologies in North America; early Christian martyrology, imperial thirdspace, and mimicry; and temporal and spatial displacement: German and Russian persons, names, and cities in K|nigsburg/Kaliningrad.
In my congregation, we are devoting the martyrology section of the service to martyrs of the civil rights movement as a reminder of the ongoing history of racial violence in this country.
YB: Depende del momento y del estado de animo en el que uno se encuentra, pero de forma espontanea diria una cancion de Navidad titulada "Martyrology", interpretada por un coro de monjas benedictinas en Bethlehem, en Estados Unidos.
The President emphasized that the Soviet authorities had been suppressing the tragedy of the Babyn Yar for many years and then tried to dissolve its Jewish component in the overall martyrology of the World War II.
Now, Ali is still a boy, and this story could simply be an addition to Hezbollah's lore of martyrology. However, leaving aside that these are the sons of the first generation of Hezbollah commanders who have become legends to the party faithful, the idea of the Iranians directly cultivating young cadres is hardly fanciful or even new.
Nowhere was the anabaptist belief in political nonresistance more exemplified than in the famed seventeenth century martyrology, Martyrs Mirror, which was compiled by Mennonite minister Thieleman van Braght.
The original choice of this particular saint for inclusion evidently owed much for the need of a saint's life with a feast day on 13 February, and Colgan relatively blithely dismissed the evidence of the Martyrology of Donegal, which detailed two St.