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Noun1.marumi - shrub bearing round-fruited kumquatsmarumi - shrub bearing round-fruited kumquats
Fortunella, genus Fortunella - small genus of shrubs native to south China producing small ovoid fruits resembling oranges: includes kumquats
cumquat, kumquat, kumquat tree - any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella bearing small orange-colored edible fruits with thick sweet-flavored skin and sour pulp
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Ilabas po ninyo ako sa inyong marumi, mapanghamak, bastos, at nakakawala ng respeto na uri ng pulitika
Their parents transferred them to the nearby Nguku, Marumi and Kariua secondary schools.
MASS TRANSFERSLast year, the school had 47 students who have since been transferred to Kariua, Nguku, Marumi and Githima secondary schools.Principal Patrick Mwangi blamed the mass transfers to poor enrolment saying despite public sensitisation students have not been joining the school.
"If it's truly a new signal, it's incredibly interesting," Marumi Kado, a researcher working with a LHC particle detector, the ATLAS collaboration, told Nature.
MARUMI KUMQUAT A small shiny-leafed tree that grows to just six feet and bears fruit all year, the marumi kumquat is a great container plant for the patio.
Fujiwara Marumi Shiraishi Over the past five years, Kiyoshi Kurosawa has steadily gained recognition at festivals with distinctively atmospheric horror and alienation chillers like "Cure" and "Pulse." Paradoxically, the prolific Japanese director graduates to the Cannes competition with one of his more marginal, less accessible entries in "Bright Future." An obscure reflection on the inter-generational impasse and empty outlook of contemporary youth, this DV-shot drama occupies wavelengths too remote to be tuned in by audiences other than diehard Asian esoterica enthusiasts.
had made a consignment contract with Marumi Kaiun, an Osaka-based transport company run by Noriaki Harutani, 51, head of "Fudokai" racketeer group.
Dinadamay nila sa mga akusasyon laban sa Pangulong Duterte, at marumi,' he said.
"Kung marumi ang bakuran mo, wala kang karapatang punahin ang iyong kapitbahay.
'He encountered the gang at Marumi area as he went home on his motorbike on a dilapidated stretch of a road.