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(ˈmɑr vi)

adj. Slang.


adj (+er) (US sl) → prima, klasse (inf)
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Marvy del Rosario Schuman, president of the local Asian Council, is from Manila.
Judith Rodin announced the recipients of the 2013 Jane Jacobs Medal - Bette Midler and Ian Marvy.
1507 (2004); Paul Marvy & Debra Gardner, A Civil Right to Counsel for the Poor, HUM.
According to Marvy, within 15 years of the end of World War II, Red Hook's population had plunged from 50,000 to 15,000.
245 (2006) (surveying state law); Paul Marvy, Advocacy for a Civil Right
Just Marvy silhouette magnet, available from All About Dance, $5.
Moreover, when the MPs raid the place looking for Slothrop in a pig suit, they grab Marvy instead who's donned the suit in lieu of his lost uniform and its 2 1/2 vials of cocaine.
From game sausages to a superb coq au vin, here's an eclectic mishmash of nifty noshes and marvy meals in the middle of horseyland with most items - even lamb and fresh fish plates - under $8.
When Smith announced that she was leaving AT&T and going to a competitor, her general manager, Marvy Pearson Walker, hoped that the project Smith spearheaded wouldn't be going out the door with her.
McCormick Tribune Foundation), the Powell Foundation, the Vale-Asche Foundation, the Marvy Finger Family Foundation, 12 Oaks Medical Center, Bayou City Art Festivals' Charity Partner Program, Bridgeway Capital Management, Christ Church Cathedral, the BMW Car Club of America, Bikesport, and ChevronTexaco.
Media Contact: Marvy Gallegos, Gulf Coast Spine Care, 877-780-9504, mgallegos@gulfcoastspinecare.