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or mash·gi·ah  (mäsh-gē′äKH)
n. pl. mash·gi·chim or mash·gi·him (-gē′KHĭm, -gē-KHēm′)
An Orthodox rabbi, or a person appointed or approved by such a rabbi, whose responsibility is to prevent violations of Jewish dietary laws by inspection of slaughterhouses, meat markets, and restaurants where food assumed to be kosher is prepared for the public.

[Hebrew mašgîaḥ, from hišgîaḥ, to look, inspect; see šgḥ in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a person who ensures adherence to kosher rules by inspecting premises in which food is prepared
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In the case of certain products, the supervisor must participate in the preparation of products, while in other extraordinary cases, with meat or with wine and grape juice (S'tam Yaynam), or with cheese (G'vinas Akum) the permanent supervision of the Mashgiach is necessary.
Jerusalem prosecutors filed an indictment against a rabbi who served as a mashgiach at a yeshiva in the city, for a series of rapes carried against a number of female relatives over the course of several years.
2012) (even if ministerial exception applied to FLSA, no applicability of ministerial exception to claims of mashgiach, who certifies food as kosher, because defendant kosher caterer is a for-profit commercial caterer, not a "religious institution").
Since we would not be hiring a mashgiach to make sure the food was kosher and cooked in a kosher manner, it was up to the chefs to follow the laws of kashrut as prescribed in each home.
From the first illegal Cambodian's arrival at dawn until the last soy-soaked bag of trash was removed at night, Ganzenberg or a fellow mashgiach was there, ensuring that the restaurant's gentile operators adhered stringently to Jewish dietary laws on the premises.
The operations were open to the air, but clean, and the ever-vigilant eye of the mashgiach ensures quality and adherence to Kashrut law.
The meat produced by Agriprocessors is not just regular kosher; it is the VIP version: glatt, which means a mashgiach ("overseer") inspects each slaughtered animal's lungs to ensure there are no imperfections or lesions.
The location at 772 North Main Street now features a kosher bakery, and a glatt kosher deli and meat department supervised daily by a mashgiach (rabbinical authority) employed full-time by the store.
In addition, the retailer will employ full time a Mashgiach (Kosher inspector) on premise as required by Jewish law to ensure compliance with kosher processing and handling requirements.
He is an atheist, but his state identity card reads "Yehudi," which is good enough for the mashgiach.
The kosher kitchen and kosher restaurant operations will be under the strict rabbinical orthodox supervision of OK Kosher's Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, Rabbi Gornish and Rabbi Dovid Golowinski, and LHVR kosher chef Dani Ohana with a mashgiach on site following the Kashruth Jewish Dietary Laws for Glatt kosher, Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.