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A five iron used in golf.

[Perhaps from French massue, club, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *matteūca, from *mattea, mace; see mace1.]


(ˈmæʃɪ) or


n, pl mashies
(Golf) golf (formerly) a club, corresponding to the modern No. 5 or No. 6 iron, used for approach shots
[C19: perhaps from French massue club, ultimately from Latin mateola mallet]
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Noun1.mashie - middle-distance ironmashie - middle-distance iron      
iron - a golf club that has a relatively narrow metal head


[ˈmæʃɪ] N (Golf) → hierro m número 5
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"Was it my mashie shots you were worrying about?" she asked.
The group, comprised of all women, is one indication of the transition phase the group is currently weathering, according to Mashie. Since she has been dancing, at its height, there were as many as 14 dancers.
Moments later, the bride, Irina walked down the aisleshe was escorted by the wives of Chabad rabbis in Cambodia and Thailand, Mashie Butman and Mushka Hechttoward her groom, Vadim.
In Chapter 1, socio-cultural space-making in the historic Ga Mashie area is discussed.
Tillinghast, who covered Phillies spring training for the Public Record newspaper and was also an avid golfer, reportedly took a mashie and hit a golf ball from inside Coffee Pot Park over the left-field fence and into the bayou.
For Mr Thabo Kgomotso of Mashie Links investment, customers mainly use his studio services to develop soft pictures from their smartphones.
Furthermore, a study conducted in Ga Mashie in urban Accra among girls, using qualitative methods, observed that by age 15, girls had initiated sexual intercourse (7).
Dressed in garb from the roaring 20s we each selected a bag of four clubs - a putter, a niblick (9 iron), a mashie (5 iron) and a mid iron (2 iron) and then picked out a wood.
There we have it, another improvement in Golf's game and not a mashie niblick in sight.
HOW MUCH: PS75,000 WHO: Shipways 0121 427 3264 WHERE: Stanmore Road, Edgbaston WHAT: Superbly appointed three storey terraced property comprising a reception hallway, lounge, dining room, fitted breakfast kitchen, five bedrooms, family bathroom, en suite to master, delightful back garden HOW MUCH: PS350,000 WHO: Connells 0121 426 2800 WHERE: Mashie Gardens, Kings Norton WHAT: Well presented mid-terraced property set in a quiet cul-de-sac location.