mass energy

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Noun1.mass energy - (physics) the mass of a body regarded relativistically as energymass energy - (physics) the mass of a body regarded relativistically as energy
mass - the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
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Lithium compounds are used in the manufacture of ceramics, glass, pharmaceuticals, grease and are an essential cathode material for long life lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as mass energy storage systems.
Emerging industries focuses on the synergy between fund investment and investment holding, targeting advanced manufacturing industry, health, municipal environmental protection, bio mass energy, etc.
The list of qualified bidders for the tender include the ACWA Power Globar Services (APGS), Lamsa Investment PSC/EP/ Global Energy LTD, Mass Energy Group Holding, RP Global Autraia GmbH-Catalyst Investment (Guernsey) Ltd Consortium, SAM GREEN POWER SA, and Alcazar Energy Partners.
As part of Blackstone's vision is to source valuable battery-metal materials to achieve a sustainable clean energy world through electro-mobility and mass energy storage, Blackstone Resources Chile SpA is in the process of evaluating and exploring potential mining projects especially cobalt and lithium.
To force the Commonwealth to act, CLF, the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, and four courageous teenage plaintiffs sued the State.
We are living in an age of mass energy consumption.
GE Renewable Energy (NYSE: GE) today announced that it will provide its latest generation of 3.6-137m wind turbines to Mass Energy Group Holding, a subsidiary of Mass Global, to develop a 100 MW Mass Wind project in the country.
Butuan City - A group of Japanese investors and consultants are set to help the city government here to establish a bio mass energy facility.
ADB intends to enhance its use of HLT in areas such as climate change, smart grids, mass energy storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy, toll/ticketing systems, intelligent transport systems, mass transit, smart cities, waste-to-energy technology, desalination, and remote sensing technology.
Thomson scattering intervenes between photons having much lower energies compared to the mass energy of the particle [6-8].
Although Massachusetts has done a good job holding down overall energy use, use during peak periods keeps growing and that drives up bills, said Larry Chretien, executive director of the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance.
Manoj from Amarson limited and Meridian Group offered an investment of rupees 600-700 crore with interest-area in Solar and Bio Mass energy using obnoxious weed lantana and Pine needles for generating electricity and planning 10 MW Solar Energy project in the State immediately and a introducing House Boats in Pong besides Bird Culture towers on their own land private land.