mass marketing

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mass′ mar′keting

the production and distribution of a product intended to be sold to a relatively large number of people.
mass′-mar′ket, v.t.
mass′-mar′keter, n.
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mercatique de masse
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Lancaster, PA, March 06, 2015 --( "The Shift - The Fast Paced Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing: Learn how to resonate with and inspire those who are ready to buy from you"
Today, mass marketing involves putting your product on the shelf and going to Mass on Sunday and praying that someone buys it.
NEW YORK -- Mass marketing is vanishing, according to a story in Business Week.
The relatively recent innovation of mass marketing of books enables obscenity to find a larger market composed of a variety of social classes.
According to officials, Peugeot said the main advances that need to be developed prior to the mass marketing of FCVs include the creation of a fuel cell system that can operate in cold temperatures and the development of larger radiators to meet the cooling needs of fuel cells.
Mass marketing is fine for products and services needed by everyone, however, it is fruitless to waste money on communicating with the general public when only a select few target markets influence census.
"Everyone has embraced rap culture," says Teri Agins, senior special writer for the Wall Street Journal and author of The End of Fashion: The Mass Marketing of the Clothing Business (William Morrow, $25).
Ask your "marketing liaison nurse" for her understanding of the difference between mass marketing and niche marketing!
Two indie fans were disgusted, The Washington Post reported: "The mass marketing of their beloved subculture has devalued its music."
However, drug chains continue to thrive and play a key role in mass marketing, and they do so by focusing on meeting the needs of their customers.
New and Improved: The Story of Mass Marketing in America.
Together with the fragmentation of mass media into a host of specialty cable channels and magazines, the population's diversity has led some to predict the end of mass marketing as a means of influencing consumer behavior.