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Adj.1.mass spectroscopic - relating to or involving mass spectroscopymass spectroscopic - relating to or involving mass spectroscopy
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"Manual mass spectroscopic flux analysis, and especially MS/MS analysis for our MIMOSA workflows, is incredibly time and thought demanding, is prone to user errors, and limits our output", said Dr Richard Kibbey, Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale Medical School.
The obtained products were identified by FTIR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, Mass spectroscopic and elemental analysis.
Through this strategy, it was identified that an orally bioavailable, potent and selective small molecule inhibitor of Btk which forms a covalent but reversible adduct with the enzyme as confirmed through enzymology, co-crystal structure analysis and mass spectroscopic characterization.
Time of flight secondary ion mass spectroscopic (TOF SIMS) depth profiling showed significant moisture accumulation in the region below the corrosion product.
He discusses chromatograph techniques, mass spectroscopic techniques, chemical reaction gas chromatography, complementary high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy, complementary size exclusion chromatography-mass spectroscopy, complementary chromatography-mass spectroscopy, complementary supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectroscopy, headspace analysis-mass spectroscopy, and pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy.
Various chromatographic and mass spectroscopic techniques are discussed in this book.
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Serum mass spectroscopic proteomic pattern diagnostics is a rapidly expanding field of study.
Mass spectroscopic examination of the sample indicated a single peptide of 2644 Da which corresponds to residues 233 to 254 of hDAT; this sequence is partially included in the fourth transmembrane domain.
The thioorganoarsenate, whose structure was determined by chromatographic and mass spectroscopic methods, is not very stable, which may be one reason why it has only just been discovered.
Typically, each mass spectroscopic measurement including acquisition and interpretation of mass spectrum takes <10 s.