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Of, relating to, produced for, or marketed to a large, diverse group of consumers: a mass-market paperback; mass-market appeal.
tr.v. mass-mar·ket·ed, mass-mar·ket·ing, mass-mar·kets
To produce or market as a mass-market product or service.


of, for, or appealing to a large number of people; popular: mass-market paperbacks.


1. being a relatively inexpensive book distributed on newsstands, in supermarkets, etc., as well as in bookstores: a mass-market paperback.
2. of, pertaining to, or issuing such publications: a mass-market publisher.
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Hemp Business Journal has been monitoring a growing number of privately held hemp companies making significant increases in sales across the online and mass-market channels.
Heritage Insurance Kenya will today launch the first ever mass-market telematics insurance solution at Liberty House,Nairobi.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a $78,000 version of the Model 3 and admitted that the promised $35,000 version would cause the company to "lose money and die" if constructed rapidly signaling that the automaker may be giving up on its plan to mass-market cars, the Wall Street Journal reports in its "Heard on the Street" column.
Auto Business News-October 13, 2017--Volkswagen to individualise its three mass-market brands
are likely to abandon mass-market clients because of Labor's fiduciary rule.
After news broke that the cheaper, mass-market paperback edition--popular in schools--would be discontinued in March 2016, in accordance with the wishes of Ms.
Australian consumer brand in cooperation with Australian wholesale aggregator of telecommunications services Inabox launched a mass-market telecommunications product using Inabox's systems and network.
MANAMA: The Telecommuni-cations Regulatory Authority (TRA) yesterday said it has decided to remove regulatory obligations on Batelco for mass-market fixed broadband services.
The Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has removed regulatory restrictions on Batelco related to fair competition in mass-market broadband services.
As a result, premium manufacturers, including Lindt, Godiva and Perugina, now appear in mainstream supermarket channels, while mass-market brands "up-sell" to a premium level.
No telecom operator in Bahrain has significant market power (SMP) or dominance in the supply of mass-market broadband services, according to an assessment by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).
Power survey has revealed that Luxury car manufacturers in India are not doing enough to differentiate themselves from mass-market automakers when it comes to sales experience.