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Adj.1.mass-spectrometric - relating to or involving a mass spectrometermass-spectrometric - relating to or involving a mass spectrometer
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Kudin, "A high-temperature mass-spectrometric method for determination of the electron work function of ionic crystals: Lanthanum, cerium, and praseodymium triiodides," Russian Journal of General Chemistry, vol.
Our faculty is engaged in teaching and research covering areas like spectrophotometric, electrochemical, mass-spectrometric, chromato-graphic and thermal methods of analysis.
(34) The mass-spectrometric biodetection process can be fully automated from sample collection through bacterial identification for fixed location requirements, and has the ability to be portable through miniaturisation.
[4] suggest a number of criteria for doping control, which if met, leads these authors to conclude "that it should be possible to detect self-administration of hCG in men as reliably as anabolic steroids and T are now detected by mass-spectrometric methods."