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Adj.1.mass-spectrometric - relating to or involving a mass spectrometermass-spectrometric - relating to or involving a mass spectrometer
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Optical and mass-spectrometric imaging techniques are envisaged as detection methods after printing (STAMPing) the effluent from the 3D separation body on a suitable substrate.
34) The mass-spectrometric biodetection process can be fully automated from sample collection through bacterial identification for fixed location requirements, and has the ability to be portable through miniaturisation.
is currently the trend in mass-spectrometric quantitative analysis.
4] suggest a number of criteria for doping control, which if met, leads these authors to conclude "that it should be possible to detect self-administration of hCG in men as reliably as anabolic steroids and T are now detected by mass-spectrometric methods.
Tenders are invited for An open request for proposals for the contract to supply equipment to detect leaks mass-spectrometric method for the needs of the company "Ulyanovsk Center of technology transfer"
We will make use of recent technological advances, in the form of novel mass-spectrometric methods, that have the as-yet unrealised capacity to make fundamental advances in understanding the formation of these resources.